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Black Women and White Women--Powerful Partnerships

You know the key ingredient to doing good racial justice work and cultivating powerful partnerships across the color line?


Can you distinguish what is your responsibility, what is someone else's and when to let go and trust the process?

Find out more about this on The OPT-IN, a podcast hosted by a Black and White woman Team, Aurora and Kelly.

I had a great time sitting down with Aurora + Kelly of The Opt-In podcast to talk about Racial Justice...

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Gratitude When It's Rough

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

What's rough for you right now?

I've been going through a tough time at home.

One of my beloved mentors died a couple days ago.

And, I'm not sleeping well. Again.

I have felt angry, judged, dismissed and abandoned. I've also felt guilty,
ashamed, not worthy of love, and defensive.

Maybe you can relate.

I call this suffering--for short!

The furthest thing from my mind at times like this is gratitude.

But wouldn't you know it?

This is the message I've been getting from Jojopah Nsoroma, a Black...

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Stop the Hurt--Covid-19 and Racial Bias

covid covid19 virus May 03, 2020

It hurts to write this post.

I've been reading Ibram Kendi's articles on how Covid-19 is exacerbating racism and anti-Asian and Anti-Black stereotypes and killing people of color at higher rates. (See links below.)

Here are some of the "low" lights.

  • In Michigan where African Americans are 14% of the population they are 40% of the deaths due to Covid-19.
  • In Milwaukee African Americans are 26% of the county's population but 81% of the deaths.
  • New York City's highest concentrations of Covid...
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How Writing Say the Wrong Thing Has Changed Everything

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2019

Dear Readers,

I just released my second book since I launched my Racial Justice from the HEART Business. Lots of people ask me if writing a book is hard or how to do it in a way that helps your finances as well as your calling in the world. Please read the interview below to find out what I learned after publishing my first book in 2016. My NEW book Stop Being Afraid to Say the Wrong Thing is the second in a series on this topic. You can order it on Amazon today!

Below is an interview I did...

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Uncategorized Nov 12, 2019

As another Halloween came and went, racist costumes came and went at my local liberal arts college. People of color were harmed. Forums, rallies, meetings. Implied death threats. Massive social media.

And the tension mounts.

The lines are broadly students of color vs. administration (some of whom are people of color). But there are many nuances.

We are in full conflict, and it hurts.

How to get through this crisis and grow stronger?

How to ride the emotions and the ego rushes and not let them...

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What do I do when I live in an all white community?

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2019

Dear Racial Justice from the Heart Readers:

This week's blog is dedicated to answering questions from a recent Q&A call for people who signed up for my Afraid to Say the Wrong Thing? Master class.  

Please join us for the Stop the Hurt; Stop Your Implicit Racial Bias 5 Day Challenge.

An important question came up--again.  So, I though I'd share the edited transcript with you.

Peace and love,


What do I do when I live in an all white community or there's an all white...

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Uncategorized Oct 22, 2019

This week I want to start to address how we talk about racism in a multiracial context rather than a black-white binary.

Recently, I got this question from Naomi who attended my Afraid to Say the Wrong Thing? master class.  After the master class, we had a live Q&A call. Below you'll find the transcript of my answer during the Q&A call.

If you'd like a structure or some scaffolding to help you navigate your difficult conversations about racism.  Please check out the replay...

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Fill your Cup: Racial Justice Meet Self-Compassion and Mindfulness

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

Every Racial Justice advocate, organizer and educator needs to regularly nourish themselves. Recently, I was talking with a friend and explained why self-compassion has made such a huge difference for me as a change maker and as a partner in an interracial marriage. The following is part of this conversation:

Self compassion and mindfulness gave me a way to stand for racial justice with less wear and tear on my being... When you stand for racial justice, you're in the midst of, you're...

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Can You Put Mindfulness and Racial Justice in the Same Lane?

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2019

Can You Put Mindfulness and Racial Justice in the Same Lane? Yes you can!

On my latest interview with Doers Podcast Host Jason Mundok, I discussed the difference between mentoring and coaching, pivoting between an artist identity and racial justice expert, and what it takes to keep dancing even while we work to make the world a better place. You can listen here.

I know some people prefer to read interviews rather than listen, so please check out the edited transcript right here.

If you...

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Fail Forward

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2019

I screwed up! I made some mistakes while facilitating a group and caused harm.

As I told my son, it was a crash and burn moment.

I've had three such moments in my professional life, and they HURT!

In the past those experiences have caused me to put up my defenses externally and to engage in endless self-harm internally.

Twenty years ago I felt so embarrassed at the holes found out in my knowledge that I literally cut off contact with an elder professor who wanted to mentor me.

This time,...

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