#044: Awakening on Mt. Shasta: Breaking Free to Yoni Liberation

podcast Oct 12, 2023

During the fall equinox 2023 I went to Mt. Shasta, CA and  awakened to some beautiful “way-out” stuff while leading our Mother Tree Equinox Soul Journey.

In this episode, I share two experiences from Shasta that took me deeper into liberation and remade me.

First, I went to a pyramid that had been built according to the proportions of one of the pyramids at Giza under the guidance of archangel Metatron.

Nowhere near as big as the original, this pyramid was about 1 ½ times the size of my canvas tent at home and brought our group of 13 into intimate contact with each other.

When the trapdoor to the pyramid was closed, we were in almost complete darkness.

When you listen in, you will hear how I dealt with my resistance and became a vocal powerhouse.

The second experience came during a tea ceremony.

While sitting in this ceremony with extremely rare and expensive teas that our guide, Gary, had been initiated into by masters, I started to feel my energy tingle and almost re-route itself.

I was sitting with the biggest piece of shungite I’ve ever seen nestled between my thighs . 

As I drank cup after cup of tea made with sacred waters from the Pacific Northwest as well as Shasta, I started to feel light and wanted to remove restrictive clothing.

I followed my intuition and something really beautiful happened.

I liberated myself!

This episode is really a story so it’s hard to summarize; I hope I’ve given you plenty of reasons to listen.

The medicine is in the oral transmission.

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