#008: How Founders Can Do Less; Do Differently; and Heal the World

podcast Oct 26, 2022

In this episode I complete the story of how I transformed my sacred work in the world.

I made three shifts:

  1. I let other people lead.  I let go of the story that the work could not happen without me teaching or being physically present.  I asked and then allowed my co-facilitators to lead Transform your Conversations about Racism, a live training which only happens once a year without me.  Team members Erika Fitz and Kristen Mun did a fabulous job while I walked in my yard and garden–figuring out how to get  “close to the ground and open to deep earth vibrations.
  2. I meditated more and nourished my spirit.  My son Gabriel was an unexpected and amazing teacher.
  3. I set up a tent in my back yard and began to write journal notes to tree.  But everything changed when I listened and then I started to record what they said back to me!


Message from the Trees–A recording of what the trees said back to me with original music by Michael Jamanis.

Gabriel’s Meditations–You can hear the meditation that lifted me up.  Go here to pay what you like, and then you’ll be transferred to meditation page.

Transform your Conversations about Racism –Digital Course.  Over 30,000 people have learned my 5-step method.  You should too!

If you like the music in this episode, check out the youtube channel of Michael Jamanis.  Liquid Beads Riding the Magic Carpet was used with his permission.


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