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On Implicit Racial Bias: An New Epic Blog

unity Jan 14, 2021

You can check your implicit racial bias if you are willing to do the work.

A lot of folks have written or are talking about implicit bias.  I recommend Jerry Kang’s excellent Ted Talk "Immaculate Perception" and this NPR story on the Yale study of Racial Bias Amongst Pre-School Teachers.  

The data on implicit bias in health, criminal justice, education, employment is so consistent that it can be daunting.  There’s very little readily available information on how...

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unity Jan 11, 2021

Recent events have gotten most of us riled up. Many of us feel unsafe, anxious, and upset.

And, it's not going to stop. There's millions of people and multiple interests invested in ongoing instability.

The most important things we can do now is to:

  • Limit your social media and news scrolling and reacting.
  • Process your feelings.
  • Take positive action.
  • Exercise Unity Consciousness.
  • Rinse and repeat.

In our last episode of Get your Chocolate On, Makeda and I show you how to process your...

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