unity Jan 11, 2021

Recent events have gotten most of us riled up. Many of us feel unsafe, anxious, and upset.

And, it's not going to stop. There's millions of people and multiple interests invested in ongoing instability.

The most important things we can do now is to:

  • Limit your social media and news scrolling and reacting.
  • Process your feelings.
  • Take positive action.
  • Exercise Unity Consciousness.
  • Rinse and repeat.

In our last episode of Get your Chocolate On, Makeda and I show you how to process your feelings and how to be critical AND cultivate unity consciousness. You can catch it on Youtube here.

What do I mean by unity consciousness?

I mean to see yourself in the Other. I mean to avoid demonizing.

Why is this important?

As my son said to me yesterday "Us versus them works if you want to stay stuck."

And think about who ultimately benefits when the 99% demonizes the other.

Our liberation won't come from being in the same consciousness that produces injustice, rape, and genocide.

We've got to elevate.

Please don't go for the okey-doke.

Don't be a pawn in ratings, clicks, etc.




And, let's do it together.Please join us on Monday Jan. 11 for Meditation at 8am pacific/11am eastern.

Please register here!

Peace and love,
Amanda and the Racial Justice from the Heart Team

P.S.--We're doing.a live training for our community on the MLK Holiday. This is perfect way to take positive action.


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