#014: Welcoming the Winter Solstice Season with a the Deer Mother Story and a Vision of our Micro-Retreat

podcast Dec 09, 2022


Are you ready to go with the flow of winter? 

This episode begins with a beautiful telling of the Deer Mother story by Amy Kietzman.  This is a myth that appears in many Eurasian cultures and is a wonderful way to enter the solstice Season.

Michael Jamanis composed original music to accompany the story.  Subscribe to his youtube channel for beautiful meditations like this one.

After the Deer Mother story, I share the vibration and intent of the Mother Tree Network  Winter Solstice Micro-retreat.  Even though registration is closed, I wanted you to give you a taste of what you can focus on for this solstice season.

I recorded the video after a deep meditation where I experienced myself inside the dark, safe, moist, living earth.

I got to this place by sending a cord from my root chakra which for women is at the cervix (who knew?) down into the earth to be with all the trees around me.

The themes of this winter solstice are:

Rest.  Especially the mind.

Release.  Any ideas, ideologies, beliefs, energies, relationships, etc that do not serve you

Root.  Drop down into the mycorrhizal plane for knowledge, peace, and guidance through the winter season.  

You can do this with only 15-20 minutes per day.


 Partial Transcript

Hey, it's me. I'm Aminata Soul Plant Walker, Firewoman, and I just wanna tell you what my vision of this winter solstice ceremony, micro-retreat, deepening time is all about. So, first of all, it's all about us getting connected to our essence that is below the surface. It's about being super magical with time and bending, you know, 15, 20 minutes a day to really tap into who we are on the micro level, at the root level, at the root of the trees in that deep, deep, beautiful, soft earth. It's about us feeling into that each day of this micro retreat, resting in it, getting restored by it, and guided. So what you would be signing up for. Specifically is to take 15, 20 minutes each day with us if you can, or on your own. If that's not possible, I'll guide you through a very gentle process to just touch into that deep, earthy part of you and receive.

and along the way there'll be other opportunities for you to journal for you to dream and for you to share. So when I asked Spirit, like, you know, what would you, how would you benefit from this? What would be the promise to you that I could. Well, I can say to you that when you, when you tap down deep what's available to you is a a presence, an ability to watch and.

Detached from the illusions going on around us. There's so many ways in which we delude ourselves. You know, so many ideologies and counter ideologies that we participate in and, you know, all the emotional swings back and forth that come from the thought forms. And it's really quite a drama inside of our heads.

But this winter, winter solstice is a, is a time for ceremony. It's a time to you know, give yourself permission to detach from all of the external drama and illusions and, and to Sink into the reality underneath the surface. One of the things that came to me today in a meditation was that, I am like a fruit.

You know how with mushrooms, they're the fruit of all those underground networks. You know, there's, there's just miles and miles and miles of these underground networks and every so often we see mushrooms on top. We think, oh, mushrooms grow here. There's so much going on under the surface, and that's where.

There is that under that undersurface stuff, it's very earthy. That is where there is strength resilience. That's where there is peace. So if you want to. Head into winter, if you wanna head into the holiday season, if you wanna head into the new year with that deep connection and release and spaciousness so that we're just not whipped about.

by this and that piece of current event news or, you know ideology that we fervently hold or counter ideology that we fervently oppose. If you just don't wanna be whipped about, but you want to be that center, then this micro retreat is a great space for. This is not for you. If you don't feel comfortable with earthy language, earthy metaphors.

You know, if you don't really feel in affinity for the earth, if you're really feeling very celestial then this is not gonna be a celestial space. It's gonna be very earthy. Oh, and the other thing I I, I got this morning from my meditation is that , you know, you know, mother trees are ancient, right?

Ancient, ancient, ancient trees are so much older than humanoids as a species. And I just had this knowing thing that came, it was like, yeah, and you know that, that there was no one original mother tree. It was like, what happened was there's these trees, multiple trees. And then there was decision made to.

Lend all of their energy to her so that she would, I don't know, survive that she would be this super source that if they had stayed multiple, it wasn't gonna work out well. So they, they gave it all to her. And so she's an expression of, of, of much wisdom, d n a history. And even before her, There was there is her grandmother, which is celestial, her grandmother, you know, energetic tree form or something like that, that that roots her.

So I hope that resonates with whoever it's gonna resonate. Hope I explained it well enough. So when I say that this is very earthy and not celestia, what I mean is that we are going deep into the earth and that earth is connected to sky but we're going deep into earth first. So the beautiful thing about Solstice.

And equinoxes is that there are portals, there are opportunities to really drop stuff. So when you are on the seven day micro retreat you know, you can have the intention to drop that something specific that you know, that you're addicted to or something that you don't know, or an attachment that you might have.

But you can release drop. Let go. And it could be a thought form, it could be, you know, a belief that's making you suffer. We'll, we will have an opportunity to drop and what's so awesome is that this is a micro retreat, so you don't have to, you know, spend hours each day or even an hour a day When I.

What I'm inviting you to is to spend 15 minutes, especially with the meditation that we're gonna do that's gonna be a magical way to bend time and release. All right, I'm gonna stop talking. Love you all and look forward to being with those for whom this is the right thing. Peace.



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