Praying for Change Makers

If you'd like to try praying, I have two recommendations:

First, I use a forgiveness prayer when I feel hooked or tied up by blame and shame.  I've used it especially when I am ping ponging between blaming the other party and blaming myself.  I've used it at home and in the world.  I recommend you watch how Dr. Hew Len teaches the practice Ho'oponopono. 

You can also download my recitation of this prayer here.  It is short and sweet and good to say on a loop.  

Second, I recommend using a structured prayer when you're in a seriously stuck situation involving several people, especially if you know you're playing a role in keeping it stuck.  If you need to move a mountain, using something that is pre-written gives you something into which you can surrender.  The magic here is in your willingness to show up every day for at least two weeks twice a day.  I've experienced powerful shifts since doing the Effective Prayer by James Goure twice daily with a loved one, and I'm even putting it to music now.  You can get the prayer at his website and you can access my reading it aloud here.

Let me know what opens up for you!

Peace and love,



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