Fortune Cookie Prophecy and the Road to Self-Trust

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2024

A couple of mornings ago I was just completing a yoga nidra meditation when I got hit by a thought.

And I do mean hit.

But some incredible work and one fortune cookie later... I was alright.

The thought was about a time when I saw a young Black woman surrounded by a bunch of young guy "friends" in a subway.

I don't want to activate anybody, but it was not good.

That was at least twenty years ago--maybe even thirty.

And I was filled with the same regret, self-condemnation, guilt about not stopping the situation.

But on this particular morning, I decided to breathe into and imagine a new story.

I put myself back into that situation, and I decided to bring in my powerful woman warrior self.

You know which weapon she chose?

She prayed --


And the only prayer that I know by heart, that I can draw on in a panic, is the "Our Father who art in heaven."

Initially I resisted. Wanting to find something more divine feminine.

But we needed to go with what could connect me instantly to big power in that moment.

So I prayed and walked into the center of that mess, singing for emphasis and the guys all dispersed.

I shifted the energy with my voice.

I escorted the young woman home and sat with her as she recovered.

I wondered how to keep her safe.

She lived in New York.

She had to take the subway.

After a time of breathing, I had it!

I told her:

Before you go out, put yourself in a bubble.

Energetically surround yourself in a bubble of light; a forcefield of love.

Imagine that nothing can touch you without your permission.

When I came back to regular reality, I saw that the girl was, of course, myself and felt so much compassion.

I started to putter and came across that old Chinese fortune cookie message.

It's now on my altar.

I'm sharing this story now because the upcoming Spring Equinox is a portal for building self-trust.

And, if you find yourself regretting random sh*t from the past, then maybe it's time to journey with us toward self-trust.

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