#003: Moving from the Victim-Savior Drama to Liberation - 4 Steps to Spiral Up Strong

podcast Sep 21, 2022

If you are scared or angry about what the Roe v. Wade overturn means for women and for our democracy. and for your body--you are not alone.

But we don't have to stay in outrage or fear.

In thi s episode I share what happens when I turned to my feminine  divine  for direction. 

When I turned inward I was surprised by the answers I received.  I 

1. They way out of a cycle is to spiral up by shifting consciousness;
2. You can shift your consciousness by not seeing life as a drama between Victims, Saviors, and Villains.
3. I recap my process for connecting with the Divine Mother for safety and guidance. 

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Speaker  0:02  
Hi, everybody, it's me Dr. Amanda Kemp, I mean, not to soul plant, Walker fire woman. And I'm talking to you this morning, a few days after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. And I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts. From my process of journaling and appealing to guidance from the Divine Mother. 

 Speaker  0:28  
My first thought that I want to share is, this is not the first hardship. This is not the first reversal. This is not we've been here before. So we're in a cycle. And what's really important about recognizing we're in a cycle of advancement, reversal, advancement, reversal, or however you want to name the cycle. What's important is that, through our perception, through our expanded consciousness, we can move out of a cycle and into a spiral. 

 Speaker  1:15  
And what I mean by a spiral is if you think about a spiral is that you may actually circle some of the same issues, feelings, challenges, situations, but what's different in a spiral is that it can move forward, it can move up, because how you look at it is different, how you are your consciousness, your pain body, your vibration is different. And when we have an expanded consciousness, a different vibration, a reduced pain body, then we can meet those circumstances, that same energy differently. 

 Speaker  2:13  
That may sound theoretical. But I want you to know, that when I approach someone, or an institution that is behaving in a way that diminishes me, or tries to, you know, control me where I stand, how I experienced my power, who I think of as my authority. 100% impacts what I choose to do, what I can even conceive of doing.

 Speaker  3:06  
I encourage you to consider that we might be in a drama, where there is a hero, there's a victim, and there's a villain. We might live our lives or live this moment that way. But we don't have to. We don't have to get pulled into that drama into that way of experiencing reality.

 Speaker  3:45  
So you might say, what's the what's the way out? How do we spiral up Amanda? And when I asked our Divine Mother, my Divine Mother

 Speaker  4:00  
the answer I got was to listen and go into my breath and when I got into my breath deeply and in a relaxed way into my heart

 Speaker  4:25  
my answer is to decline to do the victim villain Savior dance. To not step into it, and to watch to witness how it unfolds, how it unfolds in me and what rises in me, but also how it unfolds more broadly.

 Speaker  5:02  
for everyone out there for whom abortion is not a theoretical issue, but for whom it is a personal, very close issue, I want you to know

 Speaker  5:15  
I'm with you. And you're not alone. And if you when you're ready, decide to do this process. It might have the medicine that you need, so that you can not only survive this painful moment, but be stronger, be more healed. Step more into your wholeness and your power. 

 Speaker  5:58  
So I'm going to recap my process, in case you want to do it. First, before I did my journaling, I got myself grounded, centered as best I could. 

 Speaker  6:14  
Two, I free wrote in my journal, I just wrote my feelings and my thoughts to what I call the divine or the mother of the Great Mother Earth Mother, but you write to whoever represents that unconditional love, who represents great power and wisdom. And write to them freely about your thoughts and your feelings. 

 Speaker  6:39  
Three, if you want their guidance, or their support, ask for it after you've already shared your stuff, so you can get it out there, share it with them and then ask for their feedback or whatever it is that you would like from them. And just free write that don't second guess it as it comes. You can always look back at it and discern but just for you write their response and if they tell you to do something, like turn to your breath, you know water the plants, go take a shower, whatever. Please try to do it. Please try to do it right away. 

 Speaker  7:27  
Thank you so much for giving me your trust and your attention. Especially now I am trusting that this message is only going to those for whom it will be of service Peace and love, peace and love, peace and love.

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