You're so Great (But I Suck)!

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2019
Melody Leon of Leon Consulting and Development

Have you ever been in a conversation when someone complimented you in a way that put themselves down?

Have you ever thought OMG, that person (Michelle Obama or Lupita Nyongo for me) is so confident, smart and comfortable in her skin--and I'm not? I suck!

Well, I recorded a conversation with my friend and former client Melody Leon about what to do when that happens. Listen here!

We also talked about how you can recover when your nervous system gets hijacked.

This conversation is for you if:

You're dealing with the day to day trauma of chronic racism

You get choked up and lose your voice when people say racist crap

You want to own yourself completely and not let other people dictate your actions!

Melody is a Puerto Rican homegirl from Brooklyn who has overcome and healed her own PTSD to become a successful entrepreneur and Beauty (inner and outer) Enthusiast. Check her website here.

Spoiler alert: We will be practicing ways to recover from automatic emotional reactions in our Strong Voice Compassionate Heart Retreat. Three spots left. More info here!

Peace and love,



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