#021: How Women of Purpose Can Evolve Ourselves and the Planet during the Spring Equinox

podcast Mar 06, 2023

This episode an invitation for Women of Purpose--

Women who have come to earth at this time to carry out important work that will elevate our perspectives and evolve our whole planet.

If you're like me, you might feel a little uncomfortable with that description.

You don't think you're more important than anyone else and you feel insecure when people call you powerful.

You know all too well your mistakes, your weaknesses, your fears and anxieties.

But, Queen, that just means you need a trusted space to share vulnerably and receive authentic feedback and suggestions.

And not just suggestions from other Women of Purpose but also from earth mama, nature, fungi, animal kin and your divine support team.

We are in an exciting time when things are falling apart and energies from younger generations, from the natural and celestial worlds are conspiring for our evolution.

Your dream, your vision, your deep pleasure, your gift, your energy are all needed.

But the problem is that this stuff gets in the way:

Self-Doubt and Self Criticism

Exhaustion from doing social justice out of obligation, guilt, and "should"


Not spending enough time connecting with nature and with yourself as part of nature


You know what I really want for you?

And for me?

I want courage, reassurance, partnership and fun.

I want help with pacing and not doing everything all at the same time.

I want to circulate money amongst us--paying generously for each other's gifts in such a way that everyone wins.

I want us to stop worrying about failing and stay focused on our personal definition of success.

We're not meant to do our thing alone--even introverts need to connect with others sometimes.


So, I invite you to step into your Greatness this spring.

Use the Spring Equinox as a doorway, a portal to be your unapologetic, growing, creative and powerful self.

Whether you call yourself a leader, a lifelong learner, a teacher, a queen or a woman of purpose--

I invite you to take the long weekend preceding the Equinox, when the sun is returning for longer days, to

Connect with nature's wisdom and compassion for you

Create new friendships with women across race and age who are also rooted in Love and Justice

Focus on your dream/your purpose and say yes to what it needs as a next step

Play and have Fun all along the way!

Please join me at our Spring Equinox Virtual Retreat!

Called "Dip your toe in the water," this retreat is all about Fun, Friendship, and Focus for Women of Purpose.

Go here for more information and to sign up!


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