What's Missing in Social Justice?

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2024

 Let me ask you this:

Are you content with your social justice?



I'm asking because I know what it's like to have secret misgivings and feel like a traitor.

Do you know my story?

I founded a non-profit and built a highly successful racial justice business and ran both of them since 2015.

But something was missing in my social justice.

I was working around the clock, but my work stayed at the tip of the iceberg.

I was too busy to confront the big questions I was having about racial justice and the “cancel culture” pervading progressive movements.

I was afraid of being cancelled and taken out of context.

I was starting to think "unthinkable" thoughts about how some justice organizations have a vested interest in a polarized and traumatized constituency so that they could keep their funding and relevance.

I witnessed or heard about progressive organizations being torn apart when "anti-racism" was used as a cover for bullying and power grabs.

I started to dread meetings; become irritable and impatient; and lose my joy.

Something was really wrong!

But I kept plowing ahead because I did not know who I would be if I stopped.

Finally after an emergency root canal; big upheaval in my kids; and a blowout argument with progressive friends...

I heard the message to "stop everything" and that the trees in my backyard wanted to adopt me.

photo by Michael Jamanis

That was in 2021.

Since then I have apprenticed myself to the earth, especially trees, and found practices that elevate humanity and help me to be my authentic intergalactic self.

If this stirs you, come a little closer!

I don't rely on fear, shame, and guilt as drivers.

Now, I'm sleeping better than I have in my entire life.

I see my kids as my teachers and have released the self-judgement .

I am healing my deep seated money fears.

I am exploring "racial justice" as a strategy not a goal.

And as a Queen in her late 50s, I am rediscovering my childlike joy and possibility.


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