BONUS: What Can a Vision Board Do for You?

podcast Apr 12, 2023

 Imagine what it would be like for you to observe things getting ever more chaotic with banks failing and former presidents being arrested WITHOUT slipping into panic, social media plunges, or overwhelm.

Imagine you feel connected with the intelligence and rhythms of nature rather than the 24-7 news cycle which is full of scarcity, violence, and impending doom.

You have values.

You have people and plants and animals you love.

You decide you do something for yourself and the whole planet.

You take a deep breath and decide to be guided by your vision not your fears.

This is what a vision board is!

A vision board is a sacred reminder of what you stand for, what your heart desires, and the vibration you hold on behalf of us all--You return to it periodically to re-orient yourself when things get hard because you will see that sometimes the hard stuff helps you get to your vision!

That's why I created my own vision board last year.

It worked so well that I'd like to invite you to join me this year!

I am hosting a Vision Board Party for Healers and Feelers Rooted in Justice!

A vision board is a visual representation of what you’d like to experience, feel, see or be in the coming year.

Vision Boarding (aka treasure mapping) doesn’t have to be selfish or materialistic.

Think of a collage filled with images and words that inspire you to take care of yourself, contribute and connect with others and the planet.

Would you like to check it out?

Go to this link:

Vision Board Party for Healers and Feelers Rooted in Justice!

When I look at my vision board today, I realize I’ve manifested much of what was on there:

  • I’m in a luxurious tiny house in the beautiful Georgia Mountains as I write this.
  • I am about to release a new album on April 30 called Message from the Trees.
  • I’ve hosted three retreats this year for Sister Queens, for the Winter Solstice and for the Spring Equinox – all of which fulfilled on my desire to share knowledge about spiritual mysteries.

This year as we enter a period of economic and political chaos, it’s more important than ever to stay focused on your heartfelt desires and the actions you are willing to take to experience them.

Emotions and mindset matters.

Actions infused by fear, scarcity, and us vs. them thinking will not help in the long run.

What will help is action in alignment with a vision, a heartfelt desire, an inspiration.

This is how you avoid overwhelm, despair, and exhaustion.

The Vision Board Party for Healers and Feelers Rooted in Justice is for YOU!

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