The Unseen Powers the Seen--Thoughts on War and Peacemaking

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2023


The Unseen Powers the Seen


Lately, I have found myself worrying and planning what I will say about the Middle East–A LOT.


Every time I sit down to meditate or practice some sort of grounding, my mind tells me I’m not doing enough or that I should say x or y.


As you probably know, I’ve decided to focus on putting my energy toward building and strengthening peacemakers in that whole region and here at home.


In the face of atrocities on many sides, it feels so damn urgent to say something like:


I am against massacres!

No excuses.  No justifications.


I feel angry.

I feel grief.

I feel fear.

I feel shame about my fear, 

Guilt about my relative safety.


And I’ve signed petitions and written to Congress.


But what I’ve been told by my highest intelligence is that the “Unseen powers the seen.”

I’ve asked myself who are the “unseen” players are in this conflict.


My mind has gone to nations, corporations, super wealthy individuals.


All of which are probably true.


However, what I’m banking on is that my energy and your energy is also part of the “unseen.”
Our emotions are energy.  


What if we can hold love or compassion instead of ping ponging between fear, shame, grief, and hate?

What if we can feel and acknowledge fear, grief, anger, and hate but cultivate compassion and inner wisdom?

Doesn’t demonizing whole groups of people or dismissing their pain and epigenetic trauma just add more violence into the collective consciousness?


Attacking yourself for “not doing more” or running away from your anger and grief–also keep us locked in to the status quo.


My primary work is not at the analytical framework policy level.


My work is at the deep, earthy vibrational level.

Beneath the words!

And that is where I have the power to influence the body politic and the bodies on this planet.


However, the immense anger, fear, meanness, self-righteousness and hate that is circulating online in corporate media and in community forums is also affecting my vibration.

So, my first responsibility, as a peacemaker is to work with my own energy.

 One way to do that is to seek spaces that give you a chance to share your feelings and speak your thoughts without correction or judgement.

But to me, what's really needed is a space of compassion and healing beneath words.

That's why I'm  hosting Sound Healing for Peacemakers.

No dialogue.

No news update.

No recommended call to action.

Just a space where you can build emotional stability with people who are committed to peace.

Whatever you choose to do, please remember you probably don't know everything that is going on behind the scenes.  The unseen powers the seen.




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