Music For The Revolution

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019

Hey there!

I’m sitting at a roof top listening to Michael and Francis talk about how musicians make time, generating past and present and future. We move on to Sun Ra. Then Francis shares how our mental strength correlates to how much awe we experience in our daily lives. Music and art including Mother Earth’s creativity can make us feel AWE!

This is what happens when composer Francis Wong is in town from San Francisco!

We're celebrating by having friends and artists of all sorts come to our home for a house concert/jam session on July 13th for a Transformation Symphony Sneak Peek House Concert. More information

What's the Transformation Symphony? In 2020 we’ll celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 15th amendment--the one that gives citizens voting rights. But it's also a time to mark all of the Reconstruction amendments and the lives of people like Frederick Douglas.

This symphony is going to draw on the words of Douglass who spoke on abolition, immigrant rights and human freedom more broadly. We will also draw on the healing words and practices that I’ve been exploring in the era of Trump. We want to transcend and transform not protest or resist because the latter usually happens inside the consciousness of white supremacy.

We won't have an orchestra at our house concert, but you'll get to hear some of the melodies, themes etc. that we are playing with as we create this new work. The jam session is an opportunity for any musicians to bring their instruments and sit in with us as we improvise, read music and have a blast! So come to listen or come to play--BUT COME!!

Because of space limitations, we have to cap our numbers at 25. Even if you can't come, please send your energy by giving or checking out my Dr Amanda Kemp page on Facebook. Your donation will help to fund the symphony and is tax deductible. Order your Frederick Douglass T-shirt. IF YOU CAN'T COME, email us with your mailing address and add $10 for shipping

Yours in evolution!



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