Mass Murders in Buffalo: Perspectives from Joyce & Amanda

allies blm buffalo self-care May 19, 2022

In this special blog, Joyce and I share our perspective and feelings about the killing of ten Black people by a white supremacist.  Our hearts hold the families who lost loved ones in this horrendous and shocking way.  As Joyce says, we are steadfast in our commitment to justice and beloved community. We want to know what you think.  Please reply to [email protected]

From Joyce


We can't go to the grocery, to church, to the park, for a run, sleep in our beds, to the movies, to school!  Black bodies are not safe anyway really! My heart aches, I'm angry, I'm pissed, I'm tired BUT STILL committed to our freedom!  White supremacy has given birth to a white rage that is rampant and must be stopped!

STILL WE RISE!!  We are not victims and we will be free!  Each of us must raise our focus, understanding, energy, and effort to fight this evil...white rage...that is trying hard to take over this country! We can not stay on the side lines.  Everyone has a role to play in stopping this madness!  Please get active in this work!!! 

If you are an ally, know you are needed and must speak up, stand up, line up against this violence!  I say NO to this violence and any attempt to erase me or my people! 

My life matters, BLACK LIVES MATTER! Not now or ever will I stop fighting for our freedom or very right to exist!  

I'm Lifted by my Spirit and Grounded by my Faith

--Joyce Washington,
Racial Justice from the HEART facilitator


From Amanda

Now is the Time for Presence.

Exquisite Black Self-Care

At moments like this, we must take care of ourselves. Listen to your inner authority. Do what strengthens you.

  1. You don't have to keep your eyes glued on the news or social media. If your media is making you anxious or taking you out of your body, please stop scrolling and clicking.  Do something that restores you and lifts your spirit.  I recommend moving your body or just sitting in nature and touching something green.

  2. Balance urgency with long term approaches.  We've been in the country a long time; the violence didn't just start. When the media turns its attention to another flavor of the week, we will still be Black. As Guante says "white supremacy isn't the shark; it's the water." Always care for yourself first.  You are more effective when you're coming from strength rather than your wounds.  #selflove #BlackLove

  3. Watch your self-talk. Notice how you feel when you repeat something. For example, if you keep telling yourself, your friends, and family members that "we aren't safe anywhere we go" you may be extending your pain into suffering. Yes, it's true on one level, but what do you want to emphasize? How does it impact your body and subconscious to hear this? What's something true and empowering that you can say to yourself instead? Today every time I've gotten in my car I've started to sing "My body, mind, and spirit are free." This reminds me that I'm hooked into a higher power, my ancestors, and the trees. #godisgoodallthetime

  4. Please check out my interview with Isha Vela where I describe my four-decade journey to integrating Self-Compassion and Racial Justice and share how you can have transformative conversations about racism without exhausting yourself. 



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