#026: What I Learned from my Month Away from Home Living in a Tiny House

podcast Apr 28, 2023

On this episode of Mother Tree Network, I shares my experiences living in a tiny house in the Georgia mountains, reflecting on the healing and growth that came with revisiting past difficulties while on the land. The episode also includes a teaching from Barb Horn about astrology and the significance of Saturn moving into Pisces and Pluto moving into Aquarius.

Living in a Tiny House in the North Georgia Mountains 

The idea of a month away came during the Winter Solstice Virtual Retreat. Leading up to the retreat I felt a need to journey with plants, and I said yes to this intuition even though I did not want to leave my beloved trees and I wasn't sure how i would lead the retreat on the road.  Nonetheless, I traveled to California and stayed with a friend who offered a tarot reading. There it came up--spend a month alone. This got reinforced during my plant journey where I told myself to spend a month alone--preferably somewhere warm--was my heart's desire. To spend a month alone required me to put myself first. It meant leaving my husband, my son, the house, the dog, the land we tend, my routines, all of the known for the unknown.

But the payoff was enormous.  You can listen to discover my biggest big takeaways:

  1. Slow is Good!

    Concentrate on the soil of my being rather than the seeds of my desires, projects and outward work. Good soil will cause seeds to sprout and root well--easily. Tend the soil--more than your ideas and plans--if you want your garden to produce.
  1. I was not afraid or lonely.

    The land and the crows, and the coyotes kept me company. I felt adopted into "the family of things" as Mary Oliver says.
  1. Saturn is in pisces--and we've got some unfinished healing from 1993-96.

I have been able to see how this celestial movement reflected a previous time in my life where I "pretended" everything was okay but was struggling mightily with boundaries and self-care. Many of us will get to spiral through whatever was difficult regarding emotions and boundaries if we were alive in 1993-1996.

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Aminata Sol [00:00:01]:


Hey, gorgeous. Aminata Sol Plant Walker Firewoman. And I'm so glad that you are listening today. I'm recording the introduction to this episode on April the 24th. So we are almost at the end of the month, but I want to acknowledge that we have had a new moon on the 20th.


And that was a time when a group of us created a vision board soul process together, where we let stuff go, where we acknowledge and befriended the parts of ourselves that are scared or self critical or doubtful about our visions. And we also forgave ourselves. And then we have been creating this vision boards ever since.


So here it is, April 24, and my vision board is almost complete. One thing I'll say about my vision board that was unexpected for me was the theme of snow, big skies, Montana, Wyoming and India as literal locations that came up, but also the land continues to be really important, and farming land came up as a theme on my vision board this year. Relationship community. Once again, my vision board is people of different ethnicities and genders and ages. It's a lovely thing.


So I hope that you were able to do a vision board for yourself during this new moon through first quarter moon period. This is the tiny House episode.


So what you're going to hear are like a few questions I made up to ask myself as if I was being interviewed about my tiny house experience, because I found myself getting very cerebral and analytical about it and I really just wanted to be speaking from my heart and more conversational.


So you have what follows this introduction is me answering questions that I posed to myself so that I could talk like I normally talk and not talk like a book. What's really special, besides telling you about what was funny for me and about my tiny house experience, what was answering the question whether I was scared to be alone in kind of an isolated area for that long. And then the third question being about what it meant to be there in this period of my life when Saturn is in PISCES.


Even if you're interested in astrology, I really want you to hear that part because it was really I had a very intense experience where the land really healed me as I revisited some issues from 1993 to 96, where stuff from my past finally caught up with me. And I had a reckoning, just a very severe reckoning,


In 1993 to 96 when I was in my early to mid twenty s. And I came through it. Hallelujah. I came through it. Giving thanks to my ancestors, especially my mother, whose unconditional love is always in my heart, I came through it. And I tell you this story because I want you to know that as you start spiraling through things that were difficult from maybe 25 years ago or for you, that you're not alone a lot of us who born in 1966, 67, ish whole generations went through some stuff. So you are not alone if that's you. And you'll hear more about that in the episode.


And then I want you to know that this is like a two part episode, because in this hearing my tiny house stories, you're also going to hear my friend Barb Horn talk about the significance of Saturn moving into PISCES and Pluto moving into Aquarius. It's fascinating. And for me, it hit home in a way I had no idea it was going to hit me in such a deep core level way, but it did. And as my friend Jojopah  Nsoroma would say:



Life keeps bringing us-- our ancestors, our divine --keeps bringing us to what we need to heal and transform. And there's no mistakes. And each time we cycle through something, we have the opportunity to spiral through at a higher octave and to love even more.


So the last thing I'll say, of course, is please be on the lookout for the summer solstice. I talk about it in this episode. Go ahead and sign up to get your name on the waiting list, just go to Dr. Amandakemp.com, dr. Amandakemp.com. And you'll see a little box right away that says server solstice. And if you check that box, you can be put on the waitlist and we'll send you an information when it's ready.


All right, without further ado, the Tiny House experience.


Aminata Sol [00:06:27]:


So here's a question for you, Aminata Sol, plant, worker, firewoman. Tell us one funny story from your experience in the tiny house in the Georgia mountains for a whole month.


Well, I think what's really funny is that when it was time for me to go, I was sort of kicked out. And what I mean is this. When I was inquiring with my friend Jeff about coming to Spirit Snob and staying for a whole month in his brand new tiny house, he said yes. It was almost an instantaneous yes. And I remember being shocked by that. And similarly, when I was probably about ten days away from being a month, I was talking with Jeff about my leave date, and I was suggesting that maybe I would say go beyond the month, maybe an extra ten days beyond that. And he wheatley said, no.

We agreed on a month. And I was grateful for that, ultimately, because it was a very clear boundary, and it didn't leave me wondering if I was really welcome. No, he was very clear. And what's so funny is that the yes was 100% clear and instantaneous, and the no was 100% clear instantaneous. And looking back at it now, I can really feel how important it was for each of those to be so clear and strongly held by Jeff so that I could adapt my thinking and my planning. So that was really fun.


Okay. Thank you, Amanda. So here's the next question. A lot of people who have been following you in this tiny house probably want to know, were you lonely? Weren't you scared being on this in this rural area, on this mountain, ten acres of private land by yourself?


So my answer to that is, I was rarely lonely. I only had a couple of pangs of loneliness, and that was really more toward the end of this day, I actually felt incredibly accompanied by the animals. The crows were amazing. That kept speaking to me on my drive to Georgia. Some crows actually landed on this major highway where I was going like, 60. These crows landed on the highway, so I had to put my foot on the brake with all my might out of fear of hitting one of them. And of course I breaked I break, I breaked. And then they alighted, and they flew up. And as I got my heart back in my chest, I started to pick up speed again, and I said, oh, you wanted my attention? You got it. Okay, three crows in the road. What is it that I need to know? You have my attention. Crows.


And so I just opened myself up to messages from the crows, and they were with me every day. They were with me while I was soaking in the hot tub in the morning, in the afternoons. Oh, I just love the sounds of the crows. And I was journaling, I think the day after I got to the mountain, I was journaling asking for the crows to speak to me, and I did channel a message from them. One of the messages was, it was important for me to stay on the mountain, to not leave, to not go shopping and buy stuff just to stay on the mountain. And I ended up doing that.


I don't think I left the mountain or got back in my car for a good seven days or more before I left the mountain. So I really got all that I can say is really embraced. I really got cocooned into the land and the trees and the mosses and the coyotes who were yipping and making very strange noises at night. And I got adopted. I got initiated into that land. I became a part of it. So even to this day, I thank crow for giving me that message and forcing me to break and see them and listen to them. So that was really awesome.


So, no, I did not feel lonely. I mostly did not feel scared the first time I was there. When I heard the coyotes who sounded like a wounded man, I was a little concerned about that. I was like, maybe somebody's out there who needs help. And I actually called my friend, who's the caretaker who was staying at another house close by to see if it was him or if he wanted to maybe if he thought maybe we should go out and look for the person, and he didn't pick up his phone. And so I just said a prayer that was a person out there, that they would be taken care of. And I went back to sleep. And later the next day, he told me, oh, no, that was not me or a person. Those were the coyotes. Sometimes they sound like that. So I was like, okay, coyotes, you got me. You got me, you tricksters, you got me.


But those are the kinds of relationships or friendships I was starting to have. So no loneliness, really. Not much fear, except on sort of weird occasions when I didn't know what was going on. And I want to share about astrology for a moment here because while I was on the land, saturn had entered PISCES and Pluto had entered Aquarius over the course of the time that I was there.


And those are two really big movements in the sky, and they have particular significance for me, especially Saturn moving into PISCES, because Saturn hasn't been in PISCES since like, 93, when it was there between 93 and 96. And for me, that was the time when I had gone to South Africa. And that's when I really started to see how honestly, how codependent I was, how much stuff from my childhood and my young adulthood and relationships and ways of being with men, a lot of stuff caught up with me there in those years between 93 and 96. Difficult things. I went through some tough stuff sexually and where I just used pretending in denial as a way to walk through it as best I could.


So anyway, this Saturn went to PISCES. It's just a time when you revisit things, it's like a spiral. And the more healing you've done, the more you kind of experience it at higher and higher levels, or people say higher timelines. But my stuff got kicked up again. And it was so beautiful to be on the mountain, to really rely on the land and the trees, to really talk to moss, to put my face down on the ground, to really be with my inner child, really, really young, tender part of me that felt really violated. It was like I was in an intense cocoon for like, four days of healing, primarily, almost entirely just me in the mountain. What I really needed was to be there for myself and to let the land be there for me and to write it out, cry it out, and gradually come through it, come through it with compassion for me and acceptance and maturity and strength and gratitude for the land. So it was an amazing experience to go through that on the mountains.


And so that's why, as part of this episode where I'm talking about my Tidying house experience, I'm actually going to complete the episode with an excerpt from my friend Barb Horn talking about the significance of Saturn and PISCES and Pluto and Aquarius. Because many, many of us who were born in around 1966 are going through some big shifts collectively. And people like to say when Pluto moves into Aquarius, we go from me to we. And so I'm just letting you know I'm sharing this in the spirit of letting you know that if you're revisiting something, if you're spiraling, we all are. And we all have the opportunity in the spiral to love ourselves even more, to accept ourselves even more, to forgive ourselves even more, just to know what we know or to know something new.


So thank you for listening to this little tiny house exploration. I do want to say one more thing. The other big realization I had while I was up on the mountain was that, you know what, slow is good. Slow is good. Because when we go slow, we have the chance to really tend to the soil. And I'm going to go into this metaphor of seed and soil because I had heard it before when Ricardo Levins Morales brought up, I think, in 2017. But I didn't really have that much relationship with land and gardening and plants and trees. So I got it conceptually, but now I get it in my body. What I see now is that I am the soil and my projects, my business things I want to write, my ideas. These are seeds, but those seeds cannot take root, they won't sprout, they cannot withstand storms if the soil is not rich. In fact, seeds don't open up if they don't trust the soil. Soil work is underground work. It's work that we don't normally take notice of. But experienced farmers, gardeners, foresters people who work with land know that soil, soil is where you put the is where you really invest the nourishment, because that is going to naturally reinforce seeds.


And what I want to say about soil and me is, well, first of all, I'm dark brown, and not since I've been a little kid have I felt this much pleasure with walking on dirt, walking without shoes, trusting the land. There was a point at which I was up on the mountain when the full moon was in Libra in early April, and it got dark and we didn't have a lantern, we didn't have a flashlight, and I was uneasy, but we were doing ritual. And I also felt like it was right to complete what we were doing up there, which was so healing and so important for me, for my initiation with this land. So we completed and then we walked down with just the moonlight. But it was a cloudy night, so the moon was not that bright. And so I had to rely on my feet to see the way, and I found that I didn't stumble a bit. My feet saw the way the ground, the soil fed me when I took my shoes off. And I let myself feel each step. It really nourished me.


So now I'm thinking that feeding the soil, my emotions, my beingness, tending my literal soil in my garden, like that needs to be 80% of my time. 80% of my time needs to be soil work. And then the 20% is the seeds or 80% is really being right here present and 20% is looking back or looking forward. And when we go slow, we can tend to what is happening in the soil. We can be conscious and aware of it and we can be enriching of our soil. What does soil need so that it's rich and life affirming and life giving? What does your soil need? Like, I know I need hot baths. In fact, I'm going to buy myself a portable hot tub because on the mountain I was in that hot tub like once, twice, sometimes three times a day. That gave me a sense of soothing and of safety. And I didn't need to be in hot tub for long, but it just was, it a beautiful way to recalibrate my energy and soothe myself.


So if you know there's something for you that does that for you, but you've been hesitating on investing in it or you feel like it's a waste of water or waste of heat or whatever it is, please don't deny your soil what it needs. Really give that soil what it needs because the better the soil, the easier the seeds will sprout. And those seeds that do sprout will root. And those that do root will root deeply and well so that they can withstand the winds and the storms. Soil work, soil works. Slow is good. Slow down to tend the soil, slow down to tend the soil. So those are some of my lessons from the tiny house experience. Thank you for listening. There are more, but that's what I can share for now.


And so I invite you to do two things. One is to of course, stay on and listen to the recording by Barb Horn where she talks about the meaning of Saturn and PISCES and Pluto moving into Aquarius. Both things I found very helpful.


And I also encourage you to get on the waitlist for our June solstice retreat. It's a virtual retreat. And what's so powerful about a virtual retreat is that when you put yourself inside a container around the time of the solstice or around the time of the equinox, you are working with the earth's energy. You're working with what is already unfolding. It's like you are saying, I'm going to go with the energy, with the weather rather than against it. And this summer solstice to me is all about opening ourselves and expanding our capacity to receive light, to receive deep, deep abundance, to receive light, to be able to see our way forward, to see our futures and to expand into who our future selves are like holding space for us to become.


So this summer solstice is an opportunity for light to just fill you and for abundance to be deeply experienced, not superficially on the skin, but way, way deep within you. You're more and more open to receive at deeper and deeper levels, full, full. And when I say abundance, I mean life, abundant life. What you need to live life abundantly, fully, relationship connectedness, place to contribute, abundance of self care. So whatever you need to do those things fully, deeply, with a sense of richness and more than enoughness and of yesness to yourself. That's what this June several solstice is about to me.


I encourage you to hold the date June 16 through 21st and to go ahead and sign up to get on the waitlist so that you'll be the first to get the information when we send it out.


All right, without further ado, barb Horn on Saturn and PISCES and Pluto in Aquarius.


Love you, gorgeous. Love you.



Barb Horn On the Astrological Moment


We're just going to talk about what's happening in the sky right now and what that opportunity is for us on the verge of the spring equinox so far.


Barb Horn [00:26:51]:


Thank you, Dr. A, and it's my delight to share this with you. And I believe we're all feeling the energies of the time and it's moving through our bodies. And some of us are having physical sensations, headaches and lack of sleep and vertigo, while others of us have a morphine relationship with time. And it's all happening with us and to us, it really, truly is. I think you said it, Anna an extraordinary time to be alive. And in tapping into that evolutionary, there's no other human beings since the beginning of time that have been in this alignment. I always like to start these with you writing down this number. Write down 4,200,000 4,200,000. That's how many years between the exact moment of your amazing birth there will needs to be for the alignment of the stars to be exactly what they were. When your soul graced the Earth, it's a long time.


So I say that because I want you to feel the specialness that you are through the cosmos, that you really are unique and you're special and your soul is here to do something and the cosmos and the planets are here to support you. So it's good to remember when we talk, it's easy to get into the language of astrology and the planets and everything. But what I want you to get from this, it's not so much the literal logistics, but the energy of the planets and the time. And it affects us because it's easy to understand how we're Earth. We have Earth in our bodies. We have carbon and hydrogen in our bodies. We have water in our bodies. We have fire in our bodies. We have air, wood and metal in our bodies. We are made of Earth, but we're also made of stardust. Stars are made of oxygen and helium and carbon and hydrogen, the same things our bodies are. So we're also made of the stars and this amazing web of life and light energy that's always weaving and interacting and playing and cocreating and evolving with us.


So I'm going to speak about some of the major energies that are working us right now. You may have heard of some of the terminologies as these planets. Planets go around the sun in the solar system, just like the Earth does, and they have their own timing and their own intersection as the planets move through the zodiac signs in different years. There's just a special alignment of them right now in some of them. So one of the planets that is out there and active and I like to follow because it also has to do with your life purposes, mr Saturn.


 Saturn is the farthest planet that we can see out in the solar system with the naked eye. So it's a planet about boundaries because it's a boundary between the personal planets and the interpersonal planets, but it moves through a zodiac sign. So a zodiac sign would be something like Gemini or PISCES or Capricorn every two and a half years. And it spent the last two and a half years in Capricorn and it just moved into PISCES on March 7. And that's a pretty significant energetic shift and you might already be feeling it. It's going to stay in PISCES till May 24 of 2025. So you have two and a half years of this energy.


So I'll just give you some qualities. There are these archetypal patterns of Saturn and the archetypal patterns of PISCES. And I'm going to put in the chat seven ways that you can connect with this energy when I'm done with this particular alignment. So Saturn helps us. You can think of Saturn as kind of a fatherly love in terms of helping us set a foundation. It's doing all the hard work, the discipline, the commitment, the perseverance, the dedication, the ambition and boundary setting to set a foundation.


The last time that Saturn was in PISCES was 30 years ago, in 1993 to 1996.  And you can go back to that time in your life and think about what you might have cracked open in terms of a dream, a project, something that was a desire. Because that's about PISCES is your dreaming, your possibilities, what's possible, and see what cracked open for you personally. What maybe you started that 30 years now, later you can continue. A lot of things happened in the world between 1993. It's when the anti apartheid movement in South Africa happened, the civil war with Rwanda. There was a lot of movement towards freedom and liberation hard fought in that time period.


So PISCES is about your dreams, what's possible, what do you really want, what do you really need? And Saturn is helping us look at what's not serving us to make those dreams, what's not in our foundation, what are we not cultivating? It can feel like a taskmaster. What do we need to let go of? What do we need to start doing or stop doing in order to make our dreams and possibilities come true.


So I loved all of your intentions and they're up. And it's good to know that the sky, the cosmos is supporting your dreams and your desires and also in service of the collective. That's the most important thing to remember about these times right now, is anything that's not in service of the whole. The collective is going to cause us suffering.


So in particular, this weekend and this shift initially, Saturn in PISCES is helping us look at boundaries where we have barriers or limits or rules. And it's playing with our relationship with time and our perception of reality. So I don't know if any of you I know I've got this weird relationship with time. I lose it. And it's just a warping relationship because Saturn is Kronos. He's the master of time in this guy. But what this work is doing is helping us to become more elastic and more permeable than the last two and a half years saturn was in Capricorn. Capricorn is about governance and rules and rigidity and policies. So hopefully you'll begin to feel this sort of relaxing compared to the energy of the last three or four years, which has been a lot of dissolution of the systems and the things in place that truly are no longer serving humanity.


So there's an opening with PISCES, Saturn and PISCES. There's a more compassionate approach. There's definitely asking you to cultivate and connect with your intuition, your heart, with a softened rigidity there. The shadow side of this alignment is that your boundaries can completely disintegrate. So if boundaries is a touchy subject for you, it's going to be a wonderful time to look at them where you're holding them, where you want to hold them, where you're not, and trusting your ability to discern and think for yourself, to really trust your own intuition and think for yourself.


It's also going to ask you to stay grounded. To stay grounded. To stay grounded. So PISCES can be in la La land, if you will dreamy. But to manifest that, you really have to stay in your body, in your emotions and in your breath, and to really choose what it is you want to live by and commit to those boundaries, if you will.


So part of the dreaminess of this time is we're going to get the push to dream and think what's possible, but we may not get the clarity and the certainty that we're used to or that we like. I think you guys might know. What I mean is, when you get this push, this urge to go do something like, say, write a book, we can get carried off into, well, I have to know who's going to read it and how I'm going to sell it and all these things in order to even start the creative process of writing. And so the energy out there is saying, don't worry about that. Just start, just create, just step through that threshold, just dream, take the first step and don't let any of the rest of that for the next two and a half years stop you from what you're here to do. So that's with compassion, that is Saturn in PISCES.


 The other really big alignment out there is Pluto is moving into Capricorn, sorry, Pluto is moving into Aquarius on March 27. And this is a really big deal because Pluto takes a really long time to do its orbit. And so Pluto was in Capricorn and Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008. And you might remember what happened in 2008 when Pluto walks into the room, nothing looks the same as the transformation planet. It is the phoenix rising. It is the caterpillar turning into the butterfly. It is the Dark Knight, I like to say of the ego, because it's those identities we're leaving behind and all of the web of life that they're associated with in service of what is yet to be. What you destiny. What you really came here to do. But the caterpillar doesn't know it's going to turn into a butterfly. So in that transition, there are these moments of surrender and we're kind of in one of these sort of breaths of surrender.


So Pluto is going to go into Aquarius for until June of this year, then it pops back out, but then it pops back in for 40 more years till 2044, which is probably the rest of all of our lives. So it is going to be the energy that we're going to be in for the rest of our lives. But it's an amazing energy because Aquarius is about community, the collective, the whole, the individual is whole, and it's contributing to the whole of the community. So it's about reorganizing the power, your internal power, how you govern your own life, but the power out there, the wealth, the power, the security, the mystery, the shadow and the journey of reestablishing a power balance for the collective to reclaim its power.


So for all the movements that we care about and the planet that we love so deeply, this is good news, but we have to show up for it to happen. Pluto is this force that tells you that life itself is unstoppable. It's an unstoppable force. And rebirthing, we are literally rebirthing ourselves. So it can feel like we're in a birth canal sometimes, which is not a great place to be, and yet we're actually going to come out as a fragile, a new life, if you will, a new baby in that sense. So in service of working with Pluto and Aquarius for yourself, it's going to the deepest, most inner parts of yourself and making space to listen to the subterranean voices, your guides, your deepest, deepest desires that can't compete with the busyness of life and the. Doing and the going. You really have to stop and listen and go inward and trust. It's cultivating a very deep, deep trust of that voice opening that door and letting you know what's no longer needed. That trust is I can really let that go. Some people like to say we are being given permission to let go of our PISCES Age contract and sign a new contract with the Aquarius energy. It's a fancy way to say whatever stories, traumas, beliefs that we have gotten to our life thus far that's gotten us here. We can let those go and we can heal and change and evolve at a much quicker pace because we're in air energy now. We're in an era of air energy. All the planetary alignments are happening in air, and air happens. Air things move fast. When smells move through the air like that technology, light frequencies, energy moves through air very quickly compared to the last 200 years where we were in Earth density. And Earth takes a lot of time for change to happen. If you think about planting a garden and weeding a garden, you have to wait months for the harvest. So our healing can happen very fast and change is going to happen fast and information is going to be coming quickly.


 But in that speed, we're actually being asked to cultivate again that heart energy and have that grounding being centered and grounded so that we can discern. Discernment is a big deal. Again, what some of my mentors like to call the true fight with the capital T. As all this misinformation and the disintegration is still happening out there, we want to be able to discern and know from our own intuition what is the true fight and how do you know what the true fight is? It's in service of the collective. It's holism. It's valuing everybody. So if you're in your heart, it's not difficult to understand what the true fight is with a capital T versus the stuff that's led by fear. We are moving into an era that is motivated and fueled by love, truly with the Age of Aquarius song.


 So in closing, let's see. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius like this was in 1777 and 1798. And while none of us were around, perhaps some of our ancestors were. That was literally the birth of the United States of America. So the United States of America is literally going through a dark night of its identity, and you can see it all around you. And so this energy we're going through, another rebirth, if you will, and it's going to demand our full effort. And we can't do it alone. We really can't do it alone. So one of my guides likes to say, we are creating new Earth, but we have to create it in ourselves first. Our inner worlds. We've spent 200 years out there and we're going inward to create new Earth inside, which requires connection to joy and beauty, not just the pain and the grieving. There absolutely has to be joy and beauty in this co creation, and we're creating it. It's inside of us. So that what happens out there is also changed.


Eckert Toll had a quote, says, what the future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness, how much you're grounded in your own heart, in your own intuition, in your own alignment to create this new world as we redefine our relationship with time and gravity. I'm going to put in the chat here. If you guys know how to save the chat here, there are seven steps to work with seven areas. Not steps, just areas.


To work with Saturn and PISCES, and then five to work with Pluto in Aquarius. And there's an overlap there. If any of those resonate with you while you're on this retreat or for the next two and a half years, your life, please embrace them. If you can't get them in the chat, I can send them to Dr. A. But you'll see, a lot of them overlap with some of the energies we're talking about.


Barb Horn [00:45:09]:


Maybe I didn't hit return. There we go. Oh, perfect. I'll say one more thing. If you don't feel like this is a new beginning, maybe you will. The new moon in the Equinox is in Aries, the new moon. And Ares is the first zodiac sign in the celestial system. So it's a beginning. It's a beginning. That way. There are six objects and planets at zero degrees. So you go zero to 30 degrees. That's a beginning.


There are six or seven objects on the world axis, the north node, which again, is another astrological sign of a beginning. So this is really a quantum leap into something new, energetically, like being a whole new human being. So really take the opportunity to tap in. What does that mean for me? For me to be a whole new human being that is aligned with my heart and my desires and my intuition? Because the cosmos is really out there holding us to live that way. If you can think that sort of big and magical. Thank you, doctor. A.





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