“I exhaust myself.”

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2019

Since I returned from our Strong Voice Compassionate Heart Retreat, two people, two beautiful change makers have told me this.

They are not alone.

One of the most important things I got out of a self compassion class is that our minds are not here to make us happy.

The mind is conditioned to keep us safe.

Safety means staying vigilant about harm.

We’re constantly thinking about what’s wrong; what’s a threat; and how we are not doing enough.

The Trump onslaught is so constant and on so many fronts, that it's easy to slip into a low level of panic.

Just ask yourself to watch your breath for one minute and notice all the resistance come up. Even though the panic and worry don't feel good, they seduce us. Tara Brach calls it a trance.

So, what to do?


Stop thinking.

Stop listening to or reading the news.

Connect with something green.

Walk barefoot.

Drink water and really taste it.

Thank yourself for showing up on this planet.

Take care of your self.

The way to break out of being stuck isn't to yell at yourself or shame yourself. It's through honesty and kindness.

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Peace and love


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