#015: How to Create Planet Paradise on Earth; A Love and Light Meditation Led by Gabriel Anthony-Kemp

podcast Dec 22, 2022

How to Create Planet Paradise on Earth; A Love and Light Meditation Led by Gabriel Anthony-Kemp


This episode features a replay of a live guided meditation led by my son Gabriel during a moment of high fear. 


Do you remember where you were or how you felt when you learned about the police killing of George Floyd?  


Almost one year after Floyd’s death, the officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty.


On the day of the verdict, my son Gabriel agreed to offer a live meditation for the Racial Justice from the Heart Community.  I asked him to help us transmute fear.


He stunned us all by inviting us to hold a consciousness of Planet Paradise.


In a very skillful gentle weaving, Gabriel created stability and reminded us we are response-able.


You may notice that my voice sounds young and tired.


As I mentioned in Episode 007 Do Less; Do Differently; Heal the World, there was a point in my work where I was spent and to my amazement and gratitude my children stepped forward to lead.  This was that moment!


At the end, you will hear the conversation from participants about the meditation, their feelings about the Derek Chauvin conviction, and more.  In particular Deacon Eric Jackson, a Black leader from Harrisburg, PA offers insight and a rich voice.


This guided meditation goes very well with walking.  I listened to it while I was exploring a park with redwoods and other beautiful plant friends in Berkeley, CA.  Sitting amidst trees, pulling my fingers through the soil, I felt their lovingkindness towards me in my body.


But you could also listen to this while you drive, fix dinner, or simply sit.

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