Black Women and White Women--Powerful Partnerships

You know the key ingredient to doing good racial justice work and cultivating powerful partnerships across the color line?


Can you distinguish what is your responsibility, what is someone else's and when to let go and trust the process?

Find out more about this on The OPT-IN, a podcast hosted by a Black and White woman Team, Aurora and Kelly.

I had a great time sitting down with Aurora + Kelly of The Opt-In podcast to talk about Racial Justice from the Heart and working across the color line. Check these women out! They’re doing a good thing.

While talking with Aurora and Kelly, I OPENED UP about what I'm learning as the founder of Racial Justice from the Heart as a business and a mission. As a mentor, I don't promise to be perfect or to have arrived, but I do promise to be honest and to keep learning along the way.

Listen to the interview by clicking below:


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