Black and Asian Creation: Happy Birthday, Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama

Uncategorized May 23, 2019
Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama. Image from Massalijn

Let's take a moment to thank Malcolm and to thank Yuri. Sunday May 19th would have been their birthdays.

They saw the interconnection of the movements of people all over the world for freedom, dignity, and self-determination.

How fitting that they shared a birthday and that Yuri, a Japanese American held Malcolm after the assassins bullets brought him down in 1965.

I want to share some beautiful art that shows Black and Asian unity.

Please give a listen to Francis Wong's "Prayer for Melvin Truss," an African American youth who was killed by police in San Jose, CA.

Read my blog: Art Leads which focuses on Chinese American jazz composer Jon Jang's "Can't Stop Cryin for America; Black Lives Matter Now."

Reply to this email if you'd like to get the CD featuring my collaboration with Jon Jang--It's coming soon!

Let's keep our hearts open to each other.

Peace and love,


P.S.--We've extended the White Women's Tears video replay until midnight Sunday night. Watch here.



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