#037: Unearthing Truths: The Importance of Asking Questions in the Spirit of Dandelion

podcast Jul 20, 2023

This is an unusual episode of the Mother Tree Network because includes two recordings of me channeling Dandelion Spirit.

I asked Dandelion Spirit two questions:

One, what should i do or how should I understand the Supreme Court reversal of Affirmative Action.

Two, what is the significance of the flooding in Vermont while I was there for a wedding.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of following the wind, Dandelion Spirit poses important questions regarding affirmative action, its beneficiaries, effectiveness, and possible alternatives. 

In the second transmission, Dandelion Spirit encourages the emergence of new relationships, articulations, business practices, friendships, and ways of living on the land. 

The transmissions are evocative and I encourage you to listen with your whole body rather than just with your mind

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