#053: Finding Freedom in Art and Nature: Shelley Carlisle 2-D Animator and Photographer

podcast Jan 05, 2024

 "I want that person to stand where I'm standing, you know, even if they can't go there or they've never been there, right, and feel what I felt."--Shelley Carlisle

If you’re a woman of a certain age, you might be asking yourself “What do I want to do with the last third or quarter of my life?”

Meet jazz vocalist, visual artist and former Olympic hopeful Shelley Carlisle who's on a mission to create art that makes you feel the divine feminine.  

Surrounded by nature, Shelley joins us from Nevada City, California, where she cares for 10 acres of land. 

Shelley's story is a testament to embracing life's detours and building a new foundation filled with patience, persistence, and letting go. ✨

Through her connection with the land, Shelley rediscovers the divine feminine - a feeling of internal power and connectivity with the earth. 🌎🌸

The conversation blossoms into the significance of wild environments for nature spirits and multiple species to thrive. 🌿🌟

Shelley's passion for photography and singing as an energetic portal brings a new depth to connecting with the sacred feminine. 📸🎶

As Shelley shares her journey, the beauty of self-love and the importance of connecting with our authentic selves truly resonates. 💖

The podcast wraps up with a lighthearted movie reference, bringing a touch of humor to Shelley's insights on reconnecting with the sacred feminine through nature, art, and singing. 🎬😄

Don't miss out on this enlightening exchange! 🌹✨

 #DivineFeminine #ArtisticJourney #SelfLove

📚 Timestamped overview (add about 4 min to account for intro to episode)

00:00 Optimistic outlook through challenging times, finding strength.

06:11 Nature-inspired property development with emphasis on biodiversity.

07:24 Transitioning to organic, learning to grow food.

11:37 Finding inspiration in old growth forests.

16:03 Inviting others to experience nature through photography.

20:46 Independent woman camping, connecting with sacred feminine.

23:43 Connecting to the land brings internal power.

28:25 Transition in art practice from visuals to music.

29:53 Transition from competitive athlete to embracing femininity.

32:39 Seeking self-discovery through art and discipline.

38:05 Reconnecting with sacred feminine through visual art.

39:14 MFA for teaching and promoting sacred feminine.

42:01 Promotion of Shelley Carlisle's work on social media.


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