#010: Answering your Heart’s Call for Quiet

podcast Nov 18, 2022

In this interview Amanda and I discuss:

  • What’s Good about Fall and Rainbow Trees
  • How to integrate racial justice values into our families, especially with young children.

Amanda offers specific tips.

  • How you can only bring what you have to racial justice work and how she has increased her capacity over the last five years to go from freezing and appeasing to calling out racism.
  • How to help her children hold a Jewish identity in a Christian dominant culture.
  • How to go from an extremely hectic schedule with kids, building a business, and community racial justice work to taking time for stillness, quiet and contemplation.

Amanda took a gradual approach that helped her stick to it.

  • How Doing Less and Doing Meditation has enabled her to show up with more healing and Presence for her children, clients, and community.
  • How Amanda’s school district Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee works and why she felt it was important to do that work and let other things go.
  • How sometimes we use our fatigue and exhaustion as a badge of honor, as proof that we are good enough.  But we are already good enough.

Amanda’s Bio:

Amanda is a leadership development consultant, trainer and executive coach with over 20 years of experience in developing the effectiveness of social change leaders and organizations.

Her unique heart and mind approach draws on expertise and training in racial equity and inclusion, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and strengths-based mindsets.

Amanda is the founder of the Women’s Leadership Incubator, an intensive group coaching program for women in leadership to take their goals to the next level.

For more about Amanda Silver’s Women’s Leadership Incubator Program go to amandasilver.com.  You can also follow Amanda on Instagram or on LinkedIn.


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