#013: How to Alter your Consciousness with Sexual Energy and Attain that which You Most Desire; A Conversation with Freddy Zental Weaver

podcast Dec 08, 2022

Get ready for a hilarious discussion about sexual energy, cultivating a high vibration, and world peace.  Make sure you stay on for the meditation on abundance, freedom and flow.

Special guest Freddy Zental Weaver says we can experience sexual enlightenment and liberation by controlling your own energy.  

We talk about:

  • Co-founding Tantra Nova with his wife Dr. Elsbeth Muth
  • Sexual Enlightenment, his one-man show that has toured the world 
  • Using Tantra distinctions and energy practices to create a life you want outside the bedroom
  • How Freddy cultivates an energetic of peace and connection each 

Freddy leads us in a belly breath meditation as a way to reset the nervous system.

We also discuss National Loving Day, growing up with a white stepmother, and the freedom to be in interracial marriages.  

Freddy’s website: https://www.tantranova.com/



[00:00:00] Aminata Sol: Hello, Freddy.

[00:00:01] Freddy: Hello, Amanda. Hello everybody. It's so good to be here. Thank you for having me here with you today. You're welcome.

[00:00:10] Aminata Sol: Which, which part of your introduction did you like the most?

[00:00:13] Freddy: Well, it was all pretty nice, uh, being by to hear that spoken about yourself, it's like a little overwhelming.

Uh, you know, and yeah, I had to kind of just think, wow. Yeah, I guess I did do, and I do do all that stuff , you know. Um, so, uh, I guess I would say that Contra Nova is one of the biggest things that I do in terms of, uh, what I've been doing consistently for the last 21 years with my wife and partner, uh, Dr.

Ick. And we found at this institute, I was first introduced to these practices at a very young age, uh, in Hawaii, and going through my puberty and spending a lot of time in the shower and . My father was a practicing psychiatrist and took pity on me and gave me a book to read on sexual meditation, and that was the beginning [00:01:00] for me.

Uh, I was in the software business for a long time. Uh, and, uh, later in that career a company hired me, moved me to Chicago. That was 21 years ago, and, uh, met ELLs Smith and she was on her own contract journey and we pulled our resources and started this work. Um, what's interesting about what we do in terms of, and by the way, thank you for that dancing, you know, cause that that is a shifter for people.

You know, it starts the vibrational. Shift, you know, chemically, and we don't often think of that, you know, as what it's doing. We just get the effects of it, you know. Now I'm, I'm older, I'm 66 years old, but when I was young, there was a guy named Jack Lane when I was Jack, I don't you remember Jack Lane, but he was the only guy doing this stuff.

And he would wear tights and had a white German shepherd and all the housewives. Tune into him. And you know, a lot of the guys who of that era were probably thinking he was gay or something or whatever, but he was just a regular guy with a wife doing [00:02:00] this work and you know, people were getting affected.

Now everybody's working out, you know, cuz I think things are changing. People have started to tap into that, that vibration in terms of how our chemicals change and how we uplift ourselves and how we can stay brighter and happier and easier in our life and flow. Um, So thank you for that. That was, that was, that was a fun, fun beginning.

Um, so with what we do with Contra Nova and some of the other things that you mentioned that I do, the, the, that's the show that I did for years all over the world, which was, uh, called Sexual Enlightenment, which was about, it was a one hour show that I used to do and I did it at all the retreats we would work at.

Institutes. I did it in Europe. I did it in Australia, um, Bahamas, I mean everywhere. Uh, and the whole idea was to unpack, uh, sex, love, and intimacy, uh, and, and really start to introduce people to the concepts of what we're teaching in Tare Nova. So many approaches to transformation are out there and, [00:03:00] you know, um, what you do, Amanda, with your work in terms of racial justice and people beginning to see how language and, and even thoughts can make such a difference in how we are creating this, this country, this world, our life.

Mm-hmm. . Um, but, uh, so. With the sexual piece and the, and the show. It was about introducing people and, and really demystifying sex, love, and intimacy. Uh, cuz it's kind of, for most of us in our lives, it, it seems to be something we sort of stumble upon that we're looking for that's out there somewhere. Uh, it's not like self generative because we're so sort of externally referenced to out there.

Uh, so we've been doing this work for the last 21 years, uh, and teaching people, couples, individuals, Uh, how to use sexual, uh, energy. Not just the energy, but the, uh, altered state of consciousness when in the energy with specific distinctions and how we can get more deeply connected to what we most deeply desire.

Yet, you know, we are this clay from experiences in the past that deeply affect us and, uh, as we move through our life, we see something that we want to create, but we don't seem to get to it.

Doesn't seem to show up and it eludes us. Yeah. Uh, and so coming from that, there's nobody out there but us. There's something then that we don't see that we're doing that's creating what we're getting. Mm. So again,

[00:04:49] Aminata Sol: pause. You said so much right there. I just needed to, let's break this down a little bit.

Wow. So you said there's nobody here but us. [00:05:00] Say, what do you mean

[00:05:01] Freddy: by. So I'm creating my life. I am interpreting right. You know, no one's telling me, uh, that it's a bad day because the weather's out there. Mm-hmm. , the weather is what it is. Yes. But I am the one who. Unconsciously in terms of external reference, I'm going, it's a bad day because the weather as opposed to the weather just is, and my, my vitamin D might not be producing as much and I wanna dance in the rain.

I'm choosing to dance in the rain. Mm-hmm. that kind of choice in terms of. Internal reference. Mm. That we are creating. But it doesn't appear that way. It appears that I'm actually subjected to the suffering in my life. I'm subjected to my wife when she doesn't do what she wants. I'd be fine if she just wore the right dress or said the right thing or he, or whatever, external.

[00:05:51] Aminata Sol: Got it. Okay. So self reference. Got it. And this is one of the reasons why I felt like, um, it would be so cool to have you [00:06:00] as a guest, Fred, because I feel like liberation. Is is not out there. It's something that we create and claim for ourselves. Very good, right? Yes. Okay. Awesome. Awesome. And can you just say, um, so some people might be thinking, uh, you mentioned how your consciousness shifts when you are, uh, in sexual.

Did I get that right? That you have a, you're in a altered state, something like that is what you said. Yes. And you said there's something, there's an opportunity when you're in that altered state. Can you say a little bit more about that?

[00:06:40] Freddy: Absolutely. So think of this sexual energy as, you know, it's like a magical energy in that it was creating life before we had language.

So there's a, there's an intelligence that, that procreates that creates. Um, and we've been, you know, doing that forever. The last hundred or so years we've been [00:07:00] recreating with the development of contraceptives. And what we're teaching is how we can co-create with this energy. So again, when we're in it, we're more open, loving, vulnerable, receptive.

As I mentioned earlier about the dancing, we produce more endorphins and serotonin, oxytocin. We're in an altered state of awareness, which is the attraction of it. You know, it's just like, oh wow. It's kind of. For those few three moments of orgasm. It's like the beginning, you know, when we were in the womb and it was just womb surface and we were just floating in the embryonic fluid and everything was wonderful.

We didn't even have to, we, our minds weren't even developed. We just were floating and then all of a sudden we're born boom, you know, bright lights, you know, whacked on the bottom. Some guys are getting their wee wee's cut. I mean, you're thinking, send me back. Right? . So for those few moments as adults with the, you know, developed brains and those three seconds of orgasm, we are.

To that wonderful, you know, nothingness. Mm. So we can learn through particular distinctions in that intimate vulnerability of that sexual altered [00:08:00] state to get more deeply connected to something that we set out as an intention in our, in our work. For instance, let me back up a little bit. So, in our work, people come to do seminars, three day seminars, seven day retreats with us.

They have a particular intention. So they might be, they want to have more love in their relationship, in their life. They want a wife or they want work, work that's fulfilling or a place that's inspiring to live or whatever it might be. And they have this vision of what they want, but they, again, they haven't been able to bring it in.

And they've done a lot of work for a lot of people. They've done a lot of therapy and a lot of other approaches that have given them actionable insights. Yet it keeps showing up because we are this clay, as I mentioned earlier, we are this clay that lives from the past into the now, into the future, and a lot of what were decisions early in life or or impacting moments.

Sexual abuse or physical uh uh, hurt or emotional hurt or [00:09:00] whatever it might be, something that happened. I mean, we all went through potty training, you know, which is why this problem is so much, you know, problems with digestion and so on. You know, it's a traumatic thing. So there's a deep imprint of, uh, like a neuro synaptic imprint of, of that being a reaction.

So anything could trigger us, even though. So when we wanna create something, there's this background running. Yes. Oftentimes it's keeping us from allowing this thing in. So in this intimate vulnerability, you have an intention, right? That you want to create. So you come to a workshop and you do this particular ritual practice that we teach, and it's working with sexual energy, either with yourself or and with a partner.

And there's. Uh, you know, designed to the, to the, to the practice that allows you to be into sexual energy as a receiver when you're receiving. It's different from mutual love making if you're working with a partner or you're beloved even. Um, so it's in that intimate vulnerability with intention, with specific distinctions around breath, energy, awareness, and [00:10:00] intention that we can get more unasked.

In this altered state to what we don't see that's running in the background. So oftentimes it can be cathartic process or crying or sadness or some sort of breakthrough, right, to getting that out of the way. Right. And opening up some new, some freedom, some space. Yeah. So that's what's happening for, in the work that we do, which is unique because again, we all come through the sexual piece, you know, in terms of we all had, somebody had sex and we were.

You know, and yet it's so vilified and it's so, um, misunderstood. Yeah. I think we're moving in the right direction. Got you.

[00:10:38] Aminata Sol: So let's, let's look at this again. So, um, so you're, what I'm hearing you say is like you have this alterative of consciousness and it's, while you're in this alterative of consciousness, um, you can connect all that beautiful feeling that you're feeling in your body to.[00:11:00]

Whatever it is that you desire. So if you desire, um, so, okay, so let's just say this, you know, we want more justice in the world. Yeah. Or we want more peace. Yes. Or we want more connectedness, right? Yeah. So like for me, I'm just being very honest. I do have a very, um, I'm, I'm, I'm like, I'm, I am enlivened by sacred service.

Yes. Okay. So are you saying ? So are you saying that, so then when I'm, you know, in the, in the, in intimate acts, physical acts, that, um, um, that I can use whatever is rising to, um, to somehow connect to that big desire I have or that big service I wanna bring to the.

[00:11:50] Freddy: Well, you are actually doing your work, so you are, you are in it.

Yeah. But let's say you always wanted to do this work. Mm-hmm. , but there was something in the way of you [00:12:00] tapping into what your deepest joy was. You know, either you know, you, you know, you had work in corporate America and it, what would your neighbors think or your fear of, well, could you make enough money, or whatever it might be that has kept you from doing this thing that you most deeply desire and love, that could be your biggest impact and contribution in the planet and to your.

Right. And a lot of people are in that. So you do this practice that we're talking about, and you in this unasked altered state, in the ritual working with sexual energy, you get in touch with the sadness and also the, the gratitude of that. You have a life and you have an opportunity to do this thing that you most deeply desire.

Mm-hmm. And you're able to cry and get angry and get disappointed and let go of the vibration that keeps you. Got you. It's, it's beyond words. So that's where the sexual intelligence comes in. Because in that altered state, again, that was around before we had language, we get in touch with a vibration and it's, and it's [00:13:00] vibration.

I mean, we work with vibration. All we are, we are vibration, you know, string theory, you know, and science is proving all of that out. That it's all connected. Mm-hmm. , and that's our lineage. You know, people might listen to this and go, oh, well that sounds a little woo woo Freddy's inal, but you know, it's really woo woo, our single cell of mes, multicell organisms, and a universe that goes on for a, an item.

And that's our lineage. So we are just beginning to tap into our potential in terms of like peace is. Just a thought away. I mean, we could do that, we could do that. We just haven't made, you know, that spiritual quantum leap to seeing ourselves in each other. And you know, I think, as I say, I think we're moving.


[00:13:39] Aminata Sol: So thank you. Thank you. I want us to, um, to get to National Loving Day because June 12th is a grassroots holiday. Today's June 13th, but June 12th is National Loving Day and National Loving Day for, just to catch everybody up, is this grassroots holiday to [00:14:00] celebrate the Supreme Court decision in 1967 that made interracial marriage legal throughout all 50 United States.

So, um, some of you, including me, are old enough to where this was illegal, where maybe you marrying your partner would be illegal. Certainly in my lifetime and in Freddy's lifetime. Yeah. And, um, so yeah, isn't that something?

[00:14:24] Freddy: I got something about that too, but go ahead, please.

[00:14:27] Aminata Sol: No, no, no, no. I, what, what

[00:14:29] Freddy: you got?

Okay. So my mom and dad were both black. They were married, they had four children. My father was a physician, my mom was a teacher, and then became a principal at the LA Unified School District. Well, when my father was, I guess they'd been married about 17 years, and anyway, at some point they weren't getting along and they got a divorce and I was, of the four kids, they only wanted to go live with my father who then remarried a white woman.

So I was seven years old at the. And she became my stepmom. This was [00:15:00] 1967 in Los Angeles, California, and it was still in the books. It was illegal for interracial marriage. It was still in the books. Yeah, in la. In la, California. It was a law in, it was, I mean, it wasn't really enforced right? But it was still on the books.

It's just like a lot of these covenant that in these, uh, HOAs or ho Yeah. Home Homeowner Association, uh, bylaws, you know, no cell of black people, even it against the law, but it's still in the books and they're undoing a lot of those. That language now. Yeah. But even in the language, the vibration of the language still persists this kind of unconsciousness.

Mm-hmm. , which is what you were talking about, which is what I do in my meditations in terms of making a shift. I'm not in racial justice as, as a, as a work. Mm-hmm. yet, you know, I vote the way I vote, I do volunteer my time where I can I donate my money. What, in terms of the way I see it, invaluable making a difference.

But what the big piece is for me too, I think is my meditations in my meditation. I [00:16:00] visualize a world that's, for me, I visualize a world that people see each other and see, see themselves in each other. Mm. And that becomes the energy that I have. And I believe that becomes a vibration, and that becomes a smile on my face that becomes my hello to black, white, Asian, whoever it is that's in front of me.

Mm. And so that's how we, you know, it's kind of like the Gandhi thing. Be the change you want in the world. Right.

[00:16:24] Aminata Sol: You know, I, I, and I have. I've seen you with your, your vibration with people. Like we were somewhere, uh, we were at a, like a, we were eating dinner or a meal with Fred and so, and some other friends, and then some guy passes by, uh, I think a white couple from Australia or somewhere and, and they're just chatting up and then they walked, they walked by and I was like, oh, Freddy, how did you know them?

He's like, I didn't know them. . He was just like, he just started talking. So I think there is something about a vibration.

[00:16:56] Freddy: Yes. Yes. I think, yeah, if we all did [00:17:00] that in our meditations or in our interspection, you know, in our time alone with ourselves, we could make a difference.

[00:17:06] Aminata Sol: Yeah. So I wonder, you know, uh, because you are a teacher, uh, I, I, and, and you said it, so now I feel like I need to ask, well, would you like to.

Lead us in some kind of meditation like that so we can have a taste of what it is that you do to set yourself up to see yourself on the other.

[00:17:27] Freddy: Sure. Something I work, I'm be glad. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We can just do a breathing meditation and little suggestion. Absolutely. Okay. I'm gonna mute myself.

Okay. So everybody listening, this is great. Um, so just sit, sit yourself up as comfortable as you are being on top of your sit bones, so you're really erect good and be comfortable. Your eyes can be open, closed, or soft focused where there's, they're just slightly open, but you're not paying a lot of attention to whatever shows up in front of your eyeballs and, good.

So [00:18:00] put a hand on your belly. Great, and this is parasympathetic breathing. So we're gonna breathe into the nose, your trachea, lungs, and extending your diaphragm and belly like a big balloon into your hand under your inhale. On your inhalation. Really feel the extension of your belly into your hand on your inhalation.

And then follow your awareness of your breath, spelling out up through your nose in your own pace, depth, and rhythm as your belly flattens towards your spine. Consciously continue that breathing into your nose, trachea, lungs, extending into your diaphragm and belly like a big balloon on your inhalation.

Really feel that extension of your belly into your hand and your.

On your reation, following your breath, back up and out through your nose and your own pace, depth and rhythm. Stay with that breathing. I'm gonna keep saying it. A few things. [00:19:00] Rise of your belly on your inhalation,

flattening of your belly, on your exhalation, through your nose and your own pace, depth and rhythm. Stay with it. As your thoughts come in, acknowledge them, let them be. Bring your focus and attention back to your breath, following it into your nose, down your trachea, lungs, extending into your diaphragm and belly like a big balloon on your inhalation,

following your breath, back up and out through your nose and your own pace, depth and rhythm. Stay.

For most of us, we can do this for about three breaths before our mind really gets distracted. That's fine. Be gentle with yourself. Keep coming back to your breath, following it into your nose, Rhea lungs, extending your diagram and belly on, your inhalation, [00:20:00] on your exhalation, flattening the belly towards the spine, following your breath back up and out through your nose and your own pace, depth, and.

In this space of just breathing and letting the thoughts come and go,

let the words of ease and the feeling of what ease is for you and flow, and what the flow word evokes for you. Abundance. What abundance brings up for you and gratitude, and what gratitude brings up for you. The words ease, grace, flow, abundance, gratitude. Keep breathing into [00:21:00] your nose, trachea, lungs, extending into your diaphragm and belly.

On your inhalation, following your breath, back up and out through your nose and your own pace, depth and rhythm, witnessing any thoughts, conversations, interpretations or meaning, allowing the words of ease, grace, flow, abundance, and gratitude to be the feeling that those words invoke for you. Stay connected to your breath, and just let the feeling of those words show up as an energy, as a vibration.

Keep breathing. Ease, grace, flow, abundance, gratitude. Keep breathing into your belly, feeling it rise on your inhalation, flatten through your nose on your exhalation. Ease, [00:22:00] grace, flow, abundance, gratitude. Let those words be the vibration that you are

letting your thoughts, interpretations, and other things go. Just let the feeling and vibration of the words ease, grace, flow, abundance, G. Be the vibration. Stay with the gist of the lung, rise of your belly and your inhalation,

lightning of your belly and your exhalation through your nose and your own pace, depth and rhythm. Ease grace, flow, abundance, gratitude.[00:23:00]

And slowly bring your awareness back into the space

and open your eyes when you're ready. Thank you.


[00:23:28] Aminata Sol: Thank you Freddy


Yeah. Mm-hmm. . So thank you. Thank you so much for that. Uh, Just adding spaciousness into this conversation ,

[00:23:50] Freddy: you know? Yes, yes. It also, it, it so feels like, you know, we gotta do something out there to change things, and it is important to be [00:24:00] in the physical world in terms of change. Yet we can do it with this kind of feeling and energy behind how we go about doing it.

And that has an effect as well. It's like, you know, turbocharging your, your efforts and your process and shifting the world.

[00:24:21] Aminata Sol: Yeah. Hmm hmm. Yeah. I'm just noticing, um, you know, inside of me relaxation, , I'm noticing. Not efforting, you know? Um, and maybe this is a place to, um, to talk about, um, feminine energy a bit more.

Yeah. You know? Yeah.

[00:24:56] Freddy: Um, well, you know, one of the [00:25:00] primary edict and all of the variations of tantra that there are, For the man is to learn to separate ejaculation from orgasm, which gets him in touch with the unconscious automaticity of what appears to be lust to the female. I mean, it's like we are all one, you know, in that at the beginning when Rezy boats in the womb were androgynous and then it's decided with man or woman as you know, growing human beings.

And then, you know, uh, as adults we have either more testosterone if you're a man or, or less testosterone and more estrogen if you're a woman. And as we get older, the whole thing reverses itself, you know? Men grow hair, uh, breasts and women grow hair in their faces, you know? But what we're talking about is how can we be integrated with this masculine feminine dynamic?

And the feminine energy is what's gonna save the world. Mm.

[00:25:50] Aminata Sol: And you know, when I, um, so when I say like that breathing meditation that you just let, um, [00:26:00] took me to the question of feminine energy.

For me, what that means is it took me, it made me slower. It made me slow down. And, um, listen, it's more listening. Mm-hmm. and talking.

[00:26:21] Freddy: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Just the nature of that process that we just did was, is, is in a effeminate nature cuz it's like the woman is designed to listen to the baby internally, you know?

It's like the whole design, and it doesn't matter really what gender you are to integrate this feminine dynamic of nurturing and listening. You know, I lead a men's workshop and one of the things that we do is an emotional practice exercise and then get a lot of actionable insights in terms of how flied or how limited they are in terms of their modeling and their belief.

Like most guys, it's okay for two [00:27:00] emotions that's fucking or. But actually men can be very, very, you know, nurturing and they can cry and they can allow themselves to be seen in that intimacy. But it's just not like allowed for in the man's, you know, uh, domain. Right? But it's allowing that, that's gonna make the world, right, or more whether you're man leading a country or a woman leading the country.

Mm. Needs to be that polarity, that yin yang, masculine feminine balance.

[00:27:32] Aminata Sol: Mm. You know, um, speaking about the balance, I was listening, I think her name is Caitlin Kate, and she does a lot of work with trees. Okay? Yeah. And one of the things that she says is that, um, balance doesn't necessarily mean. And in fact she said that what we need is, is a little bit more feminine to balance out the masculine.

[00:27:59] Freddy: [00:28:00] Absolutely. Yeah. And particularly right now. Cause it's been so out of balance for so long. Mm-hmm. , you know, it's just like, uh, yeah. And women are going through a change, you know, um, in terms of what we do with, with Tan Nova and. You know, introducing people to something in addition to all the other wonderful things we do with sex.

How to also use it to empower what it is you wanna bring into your life in a very actionable way. Uh, for a lot of women, it's difficult to tap into their sexual power because it's so, it's been so suppressed in the world in general. Whether you have been directly physically abused or just been abused by the general consciousness of the.

I mean, there's places in the world today that a woman could be stoned to death for having sex outta wedlock. Whereas for men, it is been, you know, harems and playboys and you know, you're a man if when you have sex, and the more sex you have, the more of a man you are [00:29:00] and all of that stuff. So we've been lauded it for our sexual aliveness.

So for men, it's bringing consciousness to their sexual selves. And for the woman, it's about waking it up and owning it. Mm. And you know, I think pornography, I think it's, it's a pa passing process, but I think it's a good thing because a lot of women are seeing, oh, I could do that in the bedroom. I can do, you know, it's like opening up Pandora's box in terms of what has been completely, uh, vilified and stuffed down.

Now women can see things and, you know, and, and even expose things that they don't have to risk their life. Um, and it's not. Somon . What I'm talking about, this is a passing phase, is there's so much pornography now. People are like gorging themselves on it, right? Mm. It's like there was a guru I used to follow and his aeps, when they would come to study with him, he would put em in a room and let 'em have as much sex as they want for like two weeks and after they were all sexed out, he would come in and he says, now we medic.

[00:30:00] Mm. So in a sense, we're almost gorging ourselves with this pornography. So then they'll be ready for, okay, well what else can we do with this energy? Ah, maybe we can actually do sexual meditation. Mm mm And I think that'll happen quicker than, than later. Sooner than, you know, one of the

[00:30:15] Aminata Sol: things that I got in touch with just recently, just over the last week was, um, my sexual energy and my rage.

Mm-hmm. are connected.

[00:30:27] Freddy: Hmm. Say.

[00:30:29] Aminata Sol: Yeah. Um, something about being so concentrated on being good and which is linked to being a good girl. Mm-hmm. , you know? Mm-hmm. and rage is being bad, being a bad girl. Bad girls have rage, you know, bad kids have tantrums, you know, the whole thing. Yeah. But also, in the spiritual [00:31:00] realm a lot of times, you know, I have looked on rage with, um, fear and suspicion.

Mm-hmm. , because, because like I said earlier, I'm, I'm so interested in peace mm-hmm. , and I'm so excited about building something and rage feels like a tearing down. Mm-hmm. , you know. Mm-hmm. Um, but when I was letting myself feel the rage, I was like, oh my God, there's my sexiness right underneath the rage,

Mm-hmm. . It was like right there. Yeah. And, and I think it's something about, um, tamping things down to try to not have things go crazy. Mm-hmm. , you know, it's like fire. Mm-hmm. fire's. But when it's outta control, it can burn everything. It's no longer that great thing. Right, right. So anyway, that's a, that's a little bit of what's opening up for

[00:31:58] Freddy: me.

Yeah. And I think, you [00:32:00] know, I think it's wonderful to have that energy. It's just showing up as rage for you right now. So as you learn to transmute that energy that you have a lot of, you'll be even more powerful. Mm-hmm. . It's not tapping down that rage. It's about transmuting that a rage. You know, cuz there's a story for you about why it shows up as rage.

Mm-hmm. , and, you know, as you let, as you, what I call flatten the story that rage, that energy that you have, which is so wonderful and alive, will just turn into just whatever you want it to be. Whether it's empowering your business or whatever you're doing. Mm-hmm. .

[00:32:33] Aminata Sol: Mm-hmm. , I know that you and I we're, we're coming to the end of our time everyone, so No, no, I know.

It was so quick. It was so, Um, so Freddy, why don't we, um, if people wanna find out more about what you have going on, uh, what's a, what's a good place for them to find

[00:32:56] Freddy: you? Absolutely. Yeah. Tan Nova, t a [00:33:00] n t r a n o v, like victor a.com. Tantra Nova, like supernova.com. Tan Nova, T A N T R A N O v like victor a.com.

Contra nova.com.

[00:33:18] Aminata Sol: Awesome. So Freddy, thank you so much for, you know, holding down. You know, and the space that you occupy in the world, um, it, it, it is a unique space and it's so important to give it expression through your body, through your voice, through your gender, through your ethnic racial background, through your age.

You know, it's all perfect coming through the expression that you are. Hmm.

[00:33:50] Freddy: Thank you, Amanda. Thank you.

[00:33:51] Aminata Sol: Yes. Yeah, so we

[00:33:53] Freddy: appreciate you. Oh yeah. So it feels so good to feel those words sinking in and [00:34:00] I'm so, so really, really just thrilled to have you and Michael as friends. And I love the work that you, you're doing obviously, and Michael, and you guys are a force in the world and we're all making it a little better.

So thank you so much for having me on, on your platform today.

[00:34:16] Aminata Sol: You're welcome. You're welcome.


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