Ahmaud Arbery and What to Do

Uncategorized May 22, 2020

I've been feeling grief, anger and fear since hearing about Ahmaud Arbery. It was so emotionally overwhelming I didn't want to share with you. As you know, I have a son who is Black. I have nephews. I have a brother. It was all too close.

Now that I've had a moment to breathe, I'm writing to ask you to join me to create more justice and peace and love right now.

One, sign our partner petition with JustGeorgia, a coalition of progressive and social justice organizations including the Georgia NAACP and the New Georgia Project (created by Stacey Abrams), calling for justice for Ahmaud Arbery.

The petition calls for:

  • The immediate resignations of District Attorneys Jackie Johnson and George Barnhill
  • Transparent independent investigations of law enforcement misconduct
  • Support for current reforms to Georgia’s criminal legal system and push back against reform repeals

Two, do this holding space meditation. It will help to center and ground you. When you are grounded in your body and connected to the divine, you are part of the solution.

Three, talk with someone about racism--especially someone who doesn't already agree with you--using these 5 steps.

CAUTION: If you are feeling traumatized or too close to talk with someone, then check out my prayer blog.

"I've seen the future. We win."

Peace and love,



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