#028: How to Work with the Moon & Summer to Nourish your Heart for Justice and Evolution

podcast May 17, 2023

If you love the moon or are curious about what its cycles mean for you, then you will love this conversation with Martha Artemis Rogers (she/they)!

Martha Artemis, founder of Full Moon Acupuncture and author, is an expert in all things lunar. With a deep understanding of how the Moon moves in relation to the Earth and Sun, Martha helps others navigate the phases of the Moon and understand the energy it brings. 

But we also talk about earth rhythms and cycles more broadly.  Martha warns us that living counter to the seasons, takes us out of rhythm with our planet and erodes our sense of belonging.

Feeling lonely, isolated or like nobody cares about you?

How connected do you feel to the season, time of day or where the sun and moon are?

Re-establishing this fundamental connection will help us to remember that we are never alone or unloved.

Martha tells us that, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer invites us to  nourish the heart and promote connection, joy, and intimacy.  It is a time for full outward blooming.

Summer offers us yang energy which encourages us to expand and open wide to connect with community!   

Martha Artemis offers suggestions for how to nourish the heart through lifestyle, food, practices, and herbs.   She reminds us that even in summer, we need to keep nourishing our roots and resting.

It's not either -or all or nothing.  Think in terms of cycles and rhythms--yes and!

We also talk about how to use this energy for justice work and to elevate our planet.

Living counter to the wisdom of each season is one of the primary causes of disease and leads to inner conflict and burn out.

The upcoming summer solstice represents the height of summer's maturity, warmth, and abundance.  

In this episode You will learn how to:

  • Align with the moon cycles,
  • Choose myths that empower you,
  • Get the most out of the summer season and the foods that support your heart.

Martha’s Bio

Martha Artemis Rogers is a writer, teacher and gatherer who believes in the power of ritual, the magic of darkness & the poetry of every sentient soul. She is also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and the Chief Creative Director of Renewal: 28 Days of Seasonal Nourishment & Ritual. Martha has been guiding kindreds into deeper relationship (re-membrance) with the life giving rhythms of within and without for over 2 decades. She is a warm, compassionate and inspiring holder of transformational space.

Instagram: Full Moon (Martha Artemis Rogers) 

 Website: https://www.fullmoonacu.com/



Aminata Sol [00:00:02]:

Yay. Welcome, everybody. This is Amina soul plant walker firewoman. And I am here with our special guest, martha Artemis Rogers. Hello, Martha.

Martha Artemis [00:00:16]:

Hello, Aminata. I am beyond delighted and grateful to be here today with you and everyone else. Yeah, you so much for inviting me.

Aminata Sol [00:00:26]:

We're excited to have you. So you're the owner of Full Moon Acupuncture. And as I said before we started, you have a lot of moon references in your website and kind of associated with you, so I definitely want to delve into that. But to start off with, tell us what is good? What's good for you today?

Martha Artemis [00:00:54]:

First off, that question in and of itself creates spaciousness. I really appreciate it. It's funny how we started referencing the Moon because what I want to say that is good today is the sun. I stepped outside this morning and after many days of it being cold here in Baltimore and rainy, the sun felt amazing. So that is one thing that is good and beautiful today.

Aminata Sol [00:01:30]:

I'm right there with you. I'm right there with you. I'm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and it has been cold and cloudy, although we did have a fabulous moon last night. Did you see it?

Martha Artemis [00:01:43]:

Yes, I saw it. Yes, it was beautiful. So clear the sky around it.

Aminata Sol [00:01:50]:

And when we looked up, we went out after 08:00 p.m.. The sky was still blue, meaning it hadn't gotten all the way dark yet. So it was this beautiful luminescent moon with this kind of dark blue, medium blue sky. It was just beautiful. It was just like, oh, my God, it's like the sun, but it's the Moon.

Martha Artemis [00:02:16]:

It's the moon. Yeah. We might have been looking right around the same time last night because I stepped out and there were some clouds around it. But as you just said, there was this dark dark, like midnight blue behind it, which was just gorgeous.

Aminata Sol [00:02:33]:

Now, I don't know, I can't seem to really make my mind grasp like, I know there's the sun, it's the star of our solar system and I know the Moon, it orbits the Earth, but I also know there's a relationship between the sun and the Moon, like in yoga and lots of different kinds of wisdom systems. These two things are often talked about in relationship with each other. I don't know what you make of that. Like when there's a full Moon, does that mean the sun is kind of being.

Martha Artemis [00:03:16]:

I know it gets tricky and I hope I'm saying it properly, but everybody source check. But because the Moon so we know the Earth rotates on an axis and as the Earth is rotating, the Moon is moving around the Earth. And then we also have the sun. So it depends on where the Moon is, where the Moon is in relationship to how the Earth is moving around its access. It gets a little tricky, but I will suggest that when we have the full moon. It means that and you probably know this, that the Moon is then reflecting the fullness of the Sun's light. Yeah, it's in that position. So that it is. I know the Moon is all about reflection.

Aminata Sol [00:04:09]:

That's crazy. So the Moon is reflecting the Sun's light, and it's the Moon, it's its own thing, too. And I don't know, but there's got to be some wisdom for us just with that.

Martha Artemis [00:04:24]:

Well, there is. Of course there is. And I'll just say one thing that you touched on, which is that we have to think of Earth based wisdom traditions. Right. And that the Moon is the quintessential expression of yin energy and the sun being the quintessential expression of yang. So in yoga, specifically, hatha. Hatha yoga is the yoking of the sun and the moon, the feminine and the masculine principles.

Aminata Sol [00:04:57]:


Martha Artemis [00:05:03]:


Aminata Sol [00:05:04]:

So I'm so glad you mentioned Hatha sun and moon yoking together in yoga. And there's so many things I want to talk with you about. So first off, Martha, so I know that you are an acupuncturist, and so you obviously have some training in traditional Chinese medicine. So from what you know as an acupuncturist, as someone who's practicing in that kind of wisdom tradition, is there something about the full moon that we should be appreciating on a health level or energetic level?

Martha Artemis [00:05:46]:

Yes. And what comes to me and I don't know that this is specific to Chinese medicine, and again, what I'm saying may be evident already, but I think the beauty of the full moon is that it can remind us it does remind us of our own capacity for brilliance, for shining, for radiance. And to me, it's also this reminder of the Moon cycle being 28 and a half days, 29 days. It's the reminder of how we are always cycling, how we are always changing waxing and waning. So I think in terms of specifically the appreciation of the full moon, it is when the feminine energies, the yin energy, are the most young. Are the most young. So I always use it as an opportunity to reflect back on myself how I'm feeling, as well as others, to use it as a reflection of, like, how am I feeling right now at this time, in this phase?

Aminata Sol [00:07:06]:

Yeah, I'm just kind of feeling into that because you said that we cycle through the moon all the time. So one of the things I really wanted to talk with you about are what do you feel are the different opportunities or what are the energies of the Moon? Like, when it's new, when it's quarter, when it's half, when it's full. Like you said, those are different stages. So I guess there's so many stages. I don't want you to give us 28 day breakdown, but, you know, nature.

Martha Artemis [00:07:40]:

We just do the four primary. Okay. And you stop me because this is my absolute favorite thing to talk about.

Aminata Sol [00:07:50]:

So excited to hear it?

Martha Artemis [00:07:56]:

Well, we must first consider that or allow ourselves to consider the basic energies of the universe, of the cosmos. Because no matter what cycle we are talking about, if we're talking about the 24 hours cycle, the daily cycle, if we're talking about the month cycle, the moon cycle, or the solar cycle, the same energies show up, right? So what I mean by that is if we look at the new moon, which marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, it is energetically resonant with spring energy, with the spring equinox. I'm sorry, that's wrong. Actually, the new moon is energetically resonant with early February. It's like when that first little spark of young energy begins to return, it's also resonant with like, 06:00 A.m., right? Like when the young energy starts to return on a daily. Does that make sense to you?

Aminata Sol [00:09:07]:


Martha Artemis [00:09:09]:

Okay, so new moon is always considered a time of new beginnings, right? A time to plant new seeds, to set and sow intentions into our lives. The first quarter moon, which comes seven days after new Moon, is like the time. So if we set our intention at the new moon, right, and we can imagine we're literally sowing a seed, then when seven days goes by, that is the first quarter Moon. And it's like it's time to roll up our sleeves and start getting busy, like really start to work to harness those energies. And that first quarter moon is resonant with the spring equinox, right? Like when that energy is available, that young energy is rising with the capacity for new life, then we get to the full moon today, 01:38 p.m.. Eastern time. So the full moon, right? I mean, we saw it last night. What does it fill us with? It fills us with or. It fills me with tremendous gratitude and awe. It relates to the season of summer. It relates to the summer solstice when we have come to that full flowering, right? Like we have come to that place of maturity and that's summer solstice, that's the full Moon. That is unconditional love. There's many resonances. So I won't say too much. I told you I could go on.

Aminata Sol [00:10:58]:

We are going to dig into this. Keep going.

Martha Artemis [00:11:02]:

So then we reach the zenith, right? We come to the fullness, the fruiting of that little thing that was planted at the new Moon, and then the energy begins to wane and we move to the third quarter moon. So third quarter moon is about 21 days after the new moon. And this resonates with autumn, with the season of autumn energetically. So at this phase, we are asking ourselves, at this lunar phase, we're thinking back to our intention. Did our intention take root? Did the intention bear fruit? And what do we need to let go of knowing that we're going towards right. We're moving back towards a darkness, we're moving back towards a new beginning. So what do I need to let go of in order to be ready and to have space to either keep nurturing the same intention or to plant a new intention. Can I tell you one more thing?

Aminata Sol [00:12:13]:

Yes, please do.

Martha Artemis [00:12:18]:

The last part of the lunar cycle is called the balsamic moon.

Aminata Sol [00:12:23]:


Martha Artemis [00:12:24]:

And that is the Moon that is very resonant with, like, winter solstice, when we need to turn in, we need to listen, need to rest and reflect. So that right. The birth cycle, the growth cycle can start again.

Aminata Sol [00:12:50]:


Martha Artemis [00:12:51]:

A little bit of an overview.

Aminata Sol [00:12:53]:

Yes. Well, I love that. So why did you decide to name your practice full Moon Acupuncture as opposed to Balsamic Moon acupuncture or thank you.

Martha Artemis [00:13:10]:

Because I think if I could rename it, I would probably pick Balsamic or new Moon. But at the time, 15, 1617 years ago, I knew I was enamored with the Moon. I've always been, and I chose to name it full Moon because I think there is a way in life when we are cycling through hard times, through darkness, that we forget our brilliance, we forget our potential of light and radiance. And so whenever I see the new moon again, it's like I'm filled again with that sense of awe and expansion, and that's what I want. And my intention is for patients, for anybody I work with in any of my capacities to reexperience their own potential for light and expansion.

Aminata Sol [00:14:12]:

Wow. I kind of feel like that's moving us toward the summer solstice, which to me is about light and expansion. But I guess what else is hanging on to me about this moon? Oh, well, we had an eclipse last night. Was a lunar eclipse, too, or this morning?

Martha Artemis [00:14:34]:

Yeah. To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about the eclipses. I have just, like, a little fingernail of knowledge around the or knowing around astrology. To me, this full moon marks it, like, opens the portal for summer energies. And so what you were saying, like, that capacity for expansion, our capacity for warmth, for maturity, like, we all in our own ways may begin to feel that in the coming six, seven weeks as we move towards solstice.

Aminata Sol [00:15:22]:

Yeah. I am not an astrologer, but I've been paying attention to these eclipses, especially the last 18 months, and just checking in on what happens. We're recording this on May 5, so we're recording it on the day of the full Moon. And the eclipse, according to the source I checked, happened about an hour ago. So we're very much inside of the eclipse energy right now, and they talk about the eclipse as being a time of new beginnings and endings. Could be chapters or it could be whole books. I pay attention to eclipses now just to notice those questions of what's beginning, what's ending. And then this Moon, I think, is in Taurus, which is just relevant for me. Oh, go ahead, Martha.

Martha Artemis [00:16:39]:

So one thing I learned is that the full moon is always going to be its counter. So we are in the season of Taurus, so this full moon is in Scorpio.

Aminata Sol [00:16:51]:

Yes, you're right.

Martha Artemis [00:16:54]:

Yeah. So we just have to look halfway across and then we'll know where the full moon is.

Aminata Sol [00:16:59]:

That's right. Thank you.

Martha Artemis [00:17:01]:

You're welcome.

Aminata Sol [00:17:02]:

Yeah. And that whole Scorpio thing is like about deep undercover unconscious stuff.

Martha Artemis [00:17:09]:

Yes, I'm a scorpio.

Aminata Sol [00:17:12]:

Well, welcome to the show, Scorpio. And I say that thank you. Scorpios are dangerous.

Martha Artemis [00:17:22]:

We can be. We certainly can be. Yes. And I think part of my intrinsic affinity with cycles is because I am a Scorpio. The cycles of light and dark, death and rebirth.

Aminata Sol [00:17:36]:

Okay, so maybe enough of astrology work could be said or speculated upon. But I guess I'm thinking about this whole thing about cycles. When you talked about with the moon and remembering our brightness, what you said about putting that full moon in your title so that you would remember the brightness of ourselves even when we go through dark times. Yeah. And remembering to be in awe, I think it's also like remembering to look up.

Martha Artemis [00:18:14]:

It can be that also. Yes, it definitely can be that. I'm laughing because I have a therapist who's always reminding me to look down. Some of us might have more of an affinity to look up, and some of us might be more tethered to the Earth.

Aminata Sol [00:18:30]:

Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. Well, that's funny. I had a real strong message from myself today to stay in my body. So I think for me, I need to look down more, but I don't know, be more connected to myself and inside of myself, I think.

Martha Artemis [00:18:51]:

Yeah. And that's the moon is all about sensing and feeling and rhythms, you know, those intrinsic rhythms within our bodies and sensing and feeling and emoting.

Aminata Sol [00:19:23]:

So, Martha, one of the things that you talked about was that this full moon is like the portal to having us move into summer energy or something like that.

Martha Artemis [00:19:36]:


Aminata Sol [00:19:41]:

Tell me about how you feel like these cycles, these big Earth cycles, relate to our health or our well being. And then I want to talk about how you think it relates to.

Martha Artemis [00:19:56]:


Aminata Sol [00:19:56]:

We could use our understanding of the cycles to relate to justice issues. But let's start with how can we use these cycles to relate to cultivating our own health and well being?

Martha Artemis [00:20:11]:

I think that both of those are such beautiful inquiries. And in terms of self, I'll just say that in the classics of Chinese medicine, one of the main causes of disease is living counter to the wisdom of each season. And that's in the Nijing very explicitly. And so we are right like we are we are nature. We are nature. And what happens outside of our bodies is also happening within our bodies. And so I would say so I might go off on a tangent, but I would say that we are very much a young culture meaning up and active and praising and giving accolades to being up and acquiring and all of that. And so nothing is inherently bad or good. But I would say from the place of cultivation, from more from a Chinese perspective, an ancient Chinese perspective, it's like how do we learn to have ease and facility with both yin and yang, which is a little bit where we started the conversation. From a five element perspective, each season relates to an element and within our bodies, each element relates to an organ system. So I'll just use the example of summer. Since we are opening that portal, spring energies transitioning into summer, and the summer relates to the element of fire. And within our bodies, our body, mind, it is the heart, the small intestine, the pericardium and the triple burner. So this season as we move towards solstice and there is more young energy, there is more energy for our hearts, it's like, how do we use that? How do we harness it for our wellness? And what comes is like how do we nourish our heart? How do we nourish and also let go of any heart pains that we may carry at this time because there's more energy available for us to do that deep healing work of the heart.

Aminata Sol [00:22:44]:

Wow. Just on a practical note, what are some of the foods that you all recommend when you're doing in this time of the heart? In this time of fire?

Martha Artemis [00:23:02]:

Yeah. So it's a beautiful question. What is nourishing? What is life giving to the heart? So in terms of foods, the flavor that is associated with this element of fire and the heart is bitter flavor. And again, we have to remember the edict is always moderation. So in terms of the bitter flavor, we can think of dark chocolate, coffee on deep bitter greens, motherworth mugwort. But in terms of actual foods, berries, certainly, blueberries, raspberries, persimmon, pomegranates, hibiscus is really beautiful for the heart. Hawthorne berry prepared as a tea is incredible medicine for the heart. So those are just a few that come to me very readily, but the list goes on and on and on, right?

Aminata Sol [00:24:10]:

And you said moderation. So even though we're in the time of fire, anything can be done too much. And I get that. I do get that.

Martha Artemis [00:24:20]:

And I'll just say, since we have been weaving sun and moon throughout our class and we know that the summer solstice is the apex of the sun, we have to remember that, as you were just saying, too much fire can deplete us. Right? So we need to also be balancing with the energies of the moon or the other archetype of water or the season of winter. So even though you and I have talked a lot about tending roots and nourishing the roots, so in summer, yes, we have to take care of our heart, but we also have to make sure, based on who we are in our constitution, that we are still taking time to rest and fortify.

Aminata Sol [00:25:07]:

Yes, that makes a lot of sense because in the summer, again, if we just look at what happens with plants, yes, sun is great and they need sun, but they need water. In fact, they need more water in the summertime because they're being dried out and they're working so intensively.

Martha Artemis [00:25:31]:

You got it. You absolutely got it.

Aminata Sol [00:25:34]:

Oh, so interesting. Isn't it crazy how dualistic thought is like yes or no? It's so built into the hard drive that every time you come into thought, that's saying cycle, cycle. Yes. Then your internal CPUs thrashing going, which is it? Yes or no? Wow. I love this.

Martha Artemis [00:26:04]:

Wow resonating in you.

Aminata Sol [00:26:08]:

Yeah. I'm just thinking about if those of us who do justice work, who are out in the streets, as we say, doing sacred work, change work, energy work, to evolve our whole planet, I wonder what this season calls for in us.

Martha Artemis [00:26:43]:

Well, I would love to hear what arises in you, but I'll share from Go just a little bit more on what I was saying about the five elements. The season of summer corresponds to the fire element. And each element, Allah season, also offers us gifts. And so the gift of summer, or I should say the virtue I apologize. The virtue of the fire element is maturity, the maturity, the full flowering of our heart. And the gifts are connection, intimacy, capacity for joy, capacity for present moment wonder. So for those of us out in the world doing justice work, elevation work, I'll say it's really like, how do we tend our hearts so that we feel safe, so that we feel our deep roots connecting us. Right. Without our roots, without that soil, without the earth, it's very difficult, if not impossible, to fully open our hearts and to flower for the sake of other.

Aminata Sol [00:27:57]:

MMM. Yeah, I'm just making some notes because you were talking about this is a time fire is a time of maturity, connection, intimacy, joy, full flowering. And you're saying simultaneously, those things can't happen without deep roots and a sense of safety. I think I heard you say a sense of safety.

Martha Artemis [00:28:29]:

Yes. And I would say, specific to the heart, it's about community. It's building that fire. Right. It's building that fire of connection, that capacity for connection with authenticity and vulnerability without othering, like saying, I have that, like, namaste. The light in me sees and honors the light in you. So, yeah, it's sharing our heart. It's sharing that. And that is through community, safe community, authentic community.

Aminata Sol [00:29:11]:

Mm. Yeah. So I look at winter as being very retreaty.

Martha Artemis [00:29:27]:


Aminata Sol [00:29:28]:

And kind of solo. I love it to do it in community, but it's like a real kind of like going within oneself.

Martha Artemis [00:29:37]:


Aminata Sol [00:29:38]:

And spring coming out, perking about starting some connection, but kind of really still about the self like, what is it that I want? What is it that I don't know? What is my intention? What is my energy? Saying it's still about the self. And then this thing that what you said about Summer and the full heart and connecting more in community and the vulnerability and seeing maybe what we can do together.

Martha Artemis [00:30:19]:

Yes. To bring more warmth right to the world. Like, where did we start by? What is good is the sun, because it warms us. And so the fire element, our own heart, that is the capacity of our heart, that fire within each of us, is to bring warmth to the world, to bring light.

Aminata Sol [00:30:43]:

Mmhmm. One of the things I wanted to talk with you about is myth. And you know why?

Martha Artemis [00:30:56]:

Tell me.

Aminata Sol [00:30:57]:

Martha Artemis Rogers. It's because I love your middle name, Artemis. And I don't know if that's something that you chose or if it was given to you, but can you say something about that?

Martha Artemis [00:31:15]:

Oh, surely to be succinct, though. No, it is not my given name. My given middle name is Rose Eileen. And I guess I was about it was about 22,009 2010. I was doing some deep healing work, coming back into reconnecting with my body, and specifically, like, lower pelvis root, chakra, sacral chakra, healing trauma. And I don't really remember, but I know learning a little bit at that time about or having known a little bit about Artemis and her or I'll even say their connection with the moon, with night, with the woods. And really, to me, why I chose that name is for all of those reasons, but because of what I saw as an embodiment, like, really being connected to the corporal, corporeal body and through that, to soul and to nature and to moon. So Artemis for me, is choosing to say, I am embodied and I'm going to live fully in my body. Yes. As a temple.

Aminata Sol [00:32:36]:

Wow. I didn't know that.

Martha Artemis [00:32:41]:

Yeah, the pictures of Artemis are, like, barefoot in the woods and, like like sensing and feeling and sensual and all of that. Yeah, that's yeah, that's what I was choosing.

Aminata Sol [00:32:56]:

I'm with you. I'm with you on that. And I was thinking I was thinking of her as the hunter. That's just what came to mind for me. But you know what? The other thing about her self ownership, and I think that there's some myths that really appeal to some of us who are out here who are really on the self ownership, autonomy, like, that's like a core, I don't know, motivation, value, rock. What do you think about that? Is that true for you?

Martha Artemis [00:33:36]:

Oh, I mean, it certainly rings true for me. Yeah, absolutely. And I think one way for me, or at least I saw, was to reclaim my body and the sacredness of my body, the power of it. The word I want to use with Artemis is dirty. But I don't mean that in any way. I mean, like in touch with the Earth, like dirt on her feet. Just a very sensorial being.

Aminata Sol [00:34:10]:

Right. And so for you choosing that name was you journeying you claiming, calling that into yourself.

Martha Artemis [00:34:19]:


Aminata Sol [00:34:20]:

Were you reclaiming it or were you feeling like you were introducing it to yourself?

Martha Artemis [00:34:27]:

I would say it was more of interesting question. I would say it was both.

Aminata Sol [00:34:36]:


Martha Artemis [00:34:36]:

Because all of the archetypes live within us. But I would say for me it was an acknowledgment of that presence in me and at the same time a desire to live into that. So maybe both.

Aminata Sol [00:34:59]:

Yeah. Here we are back to both. Hatha. Yes. I brought that. I wanted to talk about that because I think when we have a myth that we are living into a mythic figure you called it an archetype that we are I'm just going to say living into it gives us some help, it gives us some direction, it gives us some power.

Martha Artemis [00:35:41]:

Absolutely. I agree with you. And I think it takes us to another realm of energy which is like spoken word, right? Like what is the world we are building with our languaging? And so a name, right? A name holds an energetic template. I mean, you are aminata and that holds an energetic imprint for you, doesn't it?

Aminata Sol [00:36:06]:

Yeah, definitely.

Martha Artemis [00:36:10]:


Aminata Sol [00:36:15]:

I think that how for this I've been thinking a lot about how does what I am exploring with regard to these cycles of the moon and with nature meaning more than human can, because I agree with you, but we are nature. I've been thinking about what does all this exploration have to do with racial justice? What does it have to do with liberation? Are they two separate conversations? And the whole purpose of this podcast is saying no, these things are.

Martha Artemis [00:36:56]:


Aminata Sol [00:36:57]:

Work is to notice how they are together, how they are breathing into each other. So this whole thing about choosing your myth and being in alignment with what season are we in? It's almost like saying, you know what it is instead of it's like a larger context. It's a different context than I'm anti war or I'm anti he who should not be named, but I believe it's president number 45 or you know what I mean? Because we get into othering othering and we get into struggles where we're allowing that thing that we say we don't like or that really is kind of trying to control or harm us. We get into this dance with that and we get out of our power or our wisdom with these larger cycles.

Martha Artemis [00:38:19]:

Yeah, I would say I don't want to cut you off, but I no.

Aminata Sol [00:38:24]:

I really would love your thought.

Martha Artemis [00:38:28]:

Well, yes, I agree with what you're saying and something that's recently been distilling inside of me, clarifying inside of me. And I'm going to use different words, but I think it's where you just left off is the connection between rhythm and belonging. The Irish poet mystic John O'Donohue has several quotes about rhythm and belonging and the reason when we are out of rhythm right. We lose sense of our belonging to that which is greater. And so I think this relates to what you're also beginning to say, or you were just finishing saying, like, we lose a rhythm, our belonging in the whole, in the greater cycles. And that inherently leaves us feeling lost and untethered and unconnected. I don't know exactly how to you said it. Okay.

Aminata Sol [00:39:47]:

So beautiful leaves us lost, untethered, disconnected from larger rhythms and cycles when we are sort of in this lockstep with that which we oppose. You know what I mean?

Martha Artemis [00:40:06]:


Aminata Sol [00:40:07]:

That's why I feel like there's something very sneaky about it. You become like we're the anti terrorists or we're the anti gang task force. Well, then you've all of a sudden you've just been defined by that thing.

Martha Artemis [00:40:25]:


Aminata Sol [00:40:28]:

So switching the context, rhythm and belonging. Thank you for that.

Martha Artemis [00:40:38]:

Well, you're welcome. And I look forward to having other conversations with you about that because it's one that is starting to really make sense inside of me and I want to explore it more. Yeah.

Aminata Sol [00:40:50]:

We're going to take a break from our sponsor. We'll be right back. Wow. So this has been such a powerful conversation. Martha, Artemis Rogers, thank you so much for bringing Artemis into the space. I personally feel like I don't know, I feel like something happened over here. I'm going to definitely follow up with that archetype because I know that in African cosmologies, these are universal energies, so it exists in other spaces and other cultures as well. So I'm going to do a little bit of exploration over there.

Martha Artemis [00:41:36]:


Aminata Sol [00:41:38]:

But I do want to get back to summer because by the time folks hear this recording, we will definitely be gearing right up for that summer solstice. And I know that as new seasons approach, you take people through a renewal experience. And I guess I just wanted to know because this is a time of the heart and of full blooming, how does renewal relate to this time of year? If people want to renew, how should they be thinking about it?

Martha Artemis [00:42:16]:

Yeah, so I'll speak specifically first. So renewal is a course that I offer. It's 28 days of seasonal nourishment and ritual. And so I do offer that five times a year or four times a year rather. So as I spoke a little bit about earlier, so the focus for the summer session is on the fire element. Like, how do we nourish our heart, the song of our heart? And how do we do that with lifestyle? How do we do it with food? How do we do it with practices, herbs? So there's five classes. And so over the course, we look at and take time. And I teach on all of those aspects and to really build a. Community, right? A community. Beautiful space, container for sacred sharing, authenticity and vulnerability and transformation. But more generally speaking, I think first to be able to ask ourselves that question. And so we are talking about summer, the solar season of summer. But we're also saying what we need to consider is how do I nourish myself in this particular summer of my life? So we have to think of it in the context of our life. For instance, with spring, I was in the process of losing a beloved four legged creature. And so spring felt different to me this year. And I needed to ask myself not like, how do I nourish myself in spring, but how do I nourish myself in this particular spring, given what is going on in my life? So we want to ask that each season make it very specific, like what sort of support, what sort of nourishment? And so it's like for each of us, what does nourish our heart and what helps to build that fire in our heart so that we can shine our light with more authenticity. And so it might be gathering to sing, it might be gathering to dance, it might be gathering to share stories. Like all of that is so fortifying to our hearts getting together with friends or family. Those are some of the things that come to me, just generally speaking, how we nourish how we can nourish our heart.

Aminata Sol [00:44:58]:

Got you. So that's the organizing question or principle is how do we nourish the heart? How do we nourish connection, joy, intimacy in this particular given where we are in this particular stage? I was thinking about you and I, and I was thinking about Artemis, because Artemis, I think, is considered one of the like, I've heard it's, I've heard her called like one of the Amazon goddesses. Like artemis I think. Athena they're like this. It's an energy that is not about the hearth. It's more like more service to the planet, to life in a broader context than the hearth or in relationship, you know what I mean? Like one on one relationship or that kind of so there are some of these energies that are a little more out in these streets. The friend of mine likes to say. So if you are in an Artemis state of your life like you're an empty nester or if you're in a stage of your life where you're not in an intimate relationship how you renew your heart. Nourish, your heart might look different than if you're at a time in your life when you've got preschoolers, little kids at home or you're in a multigenerational family household. You know what I mean? You're right.

Martha Artemis [00:46:40]:


Aminata Sol [00:46:42]:

It is going to play out differently. So that's beautiful. Thank you for making that distinction. If people want to find out more about you, Martha, Artemis, Rogers, where do they go to get more information about what you do?

Martha Artemis [00:47:01]:

I love to share what I do, and you are welcome to find me at full moonaculmoonacue.com or instagram at full moon acupuncture. And so I look forward to that.

Aminata Sol [00:47:20]:

That's beautiful. And if you're interested, I'm sure Martha's renewal course container will be they'll be able to get information from that there.

Martha Artemis [00:47:35]:

Absolutely. That's the landing page on my website. And we begin June 18 on the new moon in Cancer.

Aminata Sol [00:47:43]:

Wait, what did you say? The new moon. What did you say? What? What?

Martha Artemis [00:47:47]:

We begin the course of the summer session for renewal begins on June 18.

Aminata Sol [00:47:52]:

New moon in cancer. Okay.

Martha Artemis [00:47:55]:


Aminata Sol [00:47:57]:

Because that is during the same period as we'll be doing. We're going to do a soul process summer solstice experience around the same time period. Yeah. That new moon in cancer. So it started with the moon and we're back to the moon.

Martha Artemis [00:48:18]:

Yes. Cycling back with the moon. Aminata, thank you so much for having me for this, creating this container and for sacred conversation and growth. I'm incredibly grateful for you and your presence.

Aminata Sol [00:48:34]:

Thank you. Thank you. It's beautiful to meet you.


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