#022: Quit a Job or a Profession, But Don't Quit on Yourself: A Conversation about Medicine and Healing with Dr. Sina Smith

healing podcast Mar 09, 2023

This episode brought me to tears twice!  

Which is a good thing because, as Dr. Sina tells us, the liver and tears and the drive to change go together!  

So, all of my empathetic friends --go ahead and cry.  Your liver will thank you!

Dr. Sina shares how her body got her attention and caused her to leave her medical career and a surgery residency with lots of debt and no clear path forward.  But she trusted herself and went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which she loves, and now she is thriving.  

Dr. Sina describes her first acupuncture appointment where she found herself crying for the first time in years--and how she came to see the need for healing her whole body, mind and spirit--not just her hand!

We also talk about the distinction of quitting a job or a profession but never quitting on yourself.

Dr. Sina gives us some good advice about eating and energy as we shift from winter into spring. 

Learn why spring is the time of year of the Wood system in Traditional Chinese Medicine and what that mean for you.

Dr. Sina also recommends specific foods to support you as your body wakes up from the slowness of winter. (Radishes, sour citrus fruits, bitter greens, and pastured chickens)

We also talked about the Spring Equinox.  To find out more about my Spring Equinox Virtual Retreat please go here:  https://www.dramandakemp.com/spring-equinox-virtual-retreat-sp

Dr. Sina regularly teaches an online class called “R3set" online. Focus is resetting your relationship to food in 3 weeks. For more on her classes and services, go to http://chicagohealingcenter.com.

Dr. Sina Smith’s Bio

Dr. Sina Leslie Smith is a medical doctor and licensed acupuncturist who is also trained in homeopathic, integrative, culinary, and functional medicine and has 3 advanced degrees in physiology & biophysics, medical education, and acupuncture. She was the Director of Integrative and Culinary Medicine at SIU School of Medicine before returning to private practice as the Medical Director and Founder of Chicago Healing Center and to teaching at UIC College of Medicine.  Dr. Smith is a fellow and former board member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, currently serves on the Assembly and as Chair of the Communications Committee for the Integrative Health Policy Consortium, and is chair of the Illinois State Board for Acupuncture. She teaches classes online about resetting one’s relationship to food that are accessible to anyone in the country (ChicagoHealingCenter.com), is a public speaker, and author of several academic articles, including the soon to be published “State of Acupuncture in the United States” white paper.


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