#019: How to Rest Even if You Feel Guilty, Self-Indulgent or Way too Busy to Pause

podcast Feb 06, 2023


The full moon on Feb. 5th is almost here.  Let me illuminate something for you.


Winter is time to rest.


Even though the days are getting a little longer, it’s not yet time to put your plants in the ground or start budding.


This  episode reminds you to rest.  


It consists of an introduction and then a fifteen-minute guided meditation with Michael Jamanis’s rich evocative soundtrack to help you slow down your mind and body.


So many of us think that we have to start the new year with a bang, but I don’t agree.

Since January 1st is in the deep of winter for many of us, then it’s still a time when yin energy dominates.  That is, it’s time to go slow, turn inward, sleep more and allow our energy to be restored.  It’s not the time to “jump” into goals or launch new initiatives.  It’s time to rest and cultivate inner resources.


Unfortunately, the Protestant Work Ethic, extraction thinking, fear and capitalism all work together to make us feel guilty about resting.  We might feel self-indulgent or privileged if we decline invitations to work or serve and instead choose rest.


Think about it.


How do you feel when you rest?

Do you hide that you are resting?

What words do you use to describe rest?






But rest isn’t something to save up for vacation; it’s part of the natural rhythm of each day and of the winter season.


If we ignore winter’s slow energy and keep going, we might find ourselves emotionally tapped out and with lower immunity.


We get depleted when we are out of sync with the seasons.


So,I invite you to listen to your Wise Self and find out if she needs rest.  


Next month, I’ll have a special episode about “springing forward” and going after what you want.

March is a time to articulate your vision and manifest.

Next month, I invite you to gestate your vision and give yourself permission to focus on that which pleases you.  I’ll be hosting a Micro-Retreat that includes creating a vision board and trusting your Wise Self.  If you’d like to get the info, click on the link below to get on the waiting list for “The Gift of Presence Micro-Retreat.” 




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