#016: How to Celebrate Kwanzaa, Luxuriate in Queen Energy, and Remember your Life Purpose: A Mother -Daughter Conversation featuring Makeda Anthony-Kemp

podcast Dec 31, 2022

Kwanzaa is an African American sacred week created by Maulana Karenga in 1966.  Its purpose is to have African Americans focus on seven principles which are foundations of a holistic and free life. Kwanzaa can be celebrated by all people.  In this final episode of 2022 Makeda and I focus on the fifth principle which is Nia or purpose.


We have a passionate conversation about waking up from delusions and living our life purpose with joy and courage.


We talk about:


My favorite part of Kwanzaa celebrations


How and why we celebrate Kwanzaa in our family 


Why I am obsessed with life purpose and why you should be too


Can your life purpose vary as you enter different stages of life


What happens when raising kids feels at odds with your life purpose


The dangers of falling into delusion –any thoughts or narratives that take you away from your life purpose.


How it feels to live my life as a Queen and use that energy to drive my life purpose



Makeda and I both highly recommend Malidoma Some’s book African because it shows how to use ritual, nature and community to help you remember your life purpose.


Makeda suggests the ickigai method as a way to gain awareness of your vocation, mission, and career.


I suggest that you take a mini-retreat regularly to confirm your life purpose and to make sure that your life is aligned with fulfilling on it.  Contact me at: Hello, Amanda Aminata Sol


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