#011: Native Artist Jennifer Folayan on Synchronicity, the Turtle Island Origin Story, and Holding Trauma and Joy

podcast Nov 24, 2022


[Trauma Alert: Short mention of childhood sexual abuse and incest towards the end of the interview]


I hope you will celebrate Native American Heritage and peoples during November.  One great way is to spend time on Thanksgiving listening to Native voices and extending reciprocity to Native peoples and earth mama.


In this joyful conversation Jennifer and I discuss:


Celebrating the passing of Indigenous People's Day in Baltimore and Philly


How she makes land and peoples acknowledgements personal 


Reconnecting and staying in the body allows for synchronicities to find you

How giving a keynote as an ambassador of Turtle Island in South Africa with artists committed to social transformation stretched her 


Jennifer’s secret to accomplishing a big thing is:

Aligning your emotions with your intentions; holding your intention with lightness; and keep swimming–taking action.


Jennifer tells the Turtle Island origin story, a version of which is held by many Native groups in North America as an example of someone small fulfilling on a huge task.


Finally, Jennifer shares how you can carry generational trauma and still be light and joyful. 

Jennifer says, "We are all perfect."


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