Impact Statement


We exist to expand human consciousness by learning from the earth's cycles, our ancestors, and the divine.  We are here to co-create and co-evolve a New Earth with earth mama. 


This New Earth is energetically close, but requires a critical mass of people who regularly root themselves in it for the choice to become apparent to all.


We envision a New Earth where all living beings are cared for and seen as partners.

Empathy and feminine ways of being and knowing predominate in partnership with masculine or yang ways of being and knowing. We anchor wealth, wisdom and high frequency love practices of the New Paradigm in our current reality.  We break the cycles of white supremacy, patriarchy, rape culture, war, and other Old Paradigm ways of seeing and creating the world.


We Amplify, Attract and Activate founders, justice advocates, land caretakers, and creatives  co-evolving with the earth in a regenerative way.   What unites us is that we are empathetic change makers whose superpower is our hearts.


Sustainability matters-–  What we cannot sustain is not really ours to do or to give.   Does this opportunity generate enough money and energy to sustain Dr. Amanda Kemp LLC  and her partners? Does this timeline or pace allow for breath, rest, and renewal?

New Paradigm High Frequency Love is our destination and our way– Our purpose is to create a New Paradigm of abundance, Presence, and wholeness.  We only engage in practices that produce more love in the system.  Does the opportunity raise the frequency of earth mama and her beings?  Like the Elk, we keep moving forward with our purpose and in our frequency even when the Old Paradigm tries to distract us.   

Follow the energy–We are like the monarch butterfly: We rely less on effort; instead we ride the currents moving toward our destination.  If there is a lot of efforting, then we step back and ask where is the energy naturally or already flowing in ourselves and the community?  Nurture that.  

Take care of myself first–  We say yes to self-care; slower pacing; and connections with earth mama first.  We give from overflow and from direction from our divine or Deep Self.  We respect other people’s “no” or “not yet.”  We build a culture of consent.  We are clear on our Yes/Purpose and give 100% when aligned.  We weather the storms of guilt when they arise but stick to our lane of joyful service.  

Face the Storm–We stay in the breath and body, and we root down when conflict arises.  Like the buffalo, we are persistent, tough, and keep moving towards home even when people don’t agree with us or send negativity our way.

Dr. Amanda Kemp

Racial Justice and Mindfulness Mentor


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