If you’re . . .

  • busting your butt on the anti-racist journey
  • navigating the waters of white supremacy and predominantly white spaces
  • trying to serve your family, community, and society only to find yourself feeling crazy, exhausted, alone, angry, resentful, and inadequate

We see you. We hear you. And we have tools for you.

Whether you are working to change your school, your nonprofit, or your community or you’re just living your life as a Black, Brown, or Indigenous person, we want you to have the skills that can help you move toward collective liberation. You are not crazy and you don’t have to do it alone.

In this free 75-minute webinar you will

  • learn the 3 dangers People of Color face in racial justice work and what you can do to avoid them
  • learn why you’re so exhausted and what you can do to serve your community while staying whole
  • learn the skills you need to take care of yourself, set healthy boundaries, and create stamina so that you can stay the course without burning out or going off
  • have a discussion and get your questions answered in a BIPOC-only safe space
  • feel real support, validation, and a sense of community

Who: All BIPOC folx of all abilities, genders, sexualities, and identities

When: Friday, July 30, 2021 @ 9: 00 AM-10:15 AM PT / 12 PM-1:15 PM ET

Where: Online | Register Here for Zoom Link

Cost: Free

What We’ll Cover

  • Why you're so exhausted: 3 Dangers People of Color face in Racial Justice work
  • What to do about it: how to address these dangers in a practical way
  • Q&A + Discussion in a BIPOC-only safe space

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Natalie Sanchez

"I’d been searching for years for writing and strategies for social justice that I could relate to on a spiritual level; you connected those things. There’s a lot of agitation and movement building but we don’t get the time to heal within the community, as friends and partners." — Natalie Sanchez

We come to this work from a deeply personal place.

This work is a part of us. We are not just sharing skills, we are sharing deeply personal parts of ourselves and our experiences.

We have found that in sharing our stories with each other, what seems unique to each of us is actually universal among us.

Something that People of Color often have in common is our propensity to put ourselves second to our community, to family, to others, and before ourselves..

This webinar will shine a light on that tendency so that Black, Brown, and Indigenous People of Color can stay in the racial justice journey by creating stamina and avoiding burnout.

We do Racial Justice differently.

Bending the arc of humanity toward justice is a marathon, not a sprint. Racial Justice from the Heart does racial justice work with an awareness of the long road ahead and the need for self-care along the way. We do this work with compassion for ourselves and the people alongside us.

The philosophy that we use in our training and in working with people is different because it comes from the heart. It is about empathy and love of self because you cannot effectively hear, support, or help people if you can't effectively do those things for yourself.

By and large, we as People of Color don't put our individual selves first. Our life experiences have led us to tend to ourselves second, last, or not at all. Racial Justice from the Heart aims to bring this pattern to a conscious level and help people feel heard, seen, and supported.

This isn’t about self-care for the sake of selfishness.

If you’re like us, you have a desire and a need to serve the community and that can come at a cost.

We’re here to say that you can better serve the community through serving yourself, that to do better for everybody else, you must do better for yourself first.

This work can be exhausting but it doesn’t have to be. This webinar is about teaching practical skills for keeping us energized and whole on the path to liberation.

Natalie Sanchez

"Before working with Amanda I felt anxious and unclear about how to begin the work with and for my family. Now I feel encouraged, more clear and excited about next steps. In fact I took a step by talking with my son about it this evening." — Joyce Inspira Williams, African American Counselor, New Jersey

This webinar is for you if. . .

  • You are navigating the world as a Black, Brown, or Indigenous Person of Color
  • You feel an urgency and a drive to take action
  • You feel a responsibility to serve and advocate for your community but you don’t feel like you have the skills
  • At the same time, you feel frustrated with your community for not engaging more


This webinar is NOT for you if. . .

  • You do not identify as a Person of Color
  • You’d prefer to cheer people on from the sidelines
  • You are not ready to look at the ways you could better care for yourself and your community

Meet Your Facilitators

Dr. Amanda Kemp is a Racial Justice and Mindfulness Mentor the Founder of Racial Justice from the Heart. She is a scholar and author who blends activism and spirituality, theatre arts and history. A survivor of the New York City foster care system, Dr. Kemp has been a lifelong poet-performer and advocate of justice.

With a doctorate in race and performance from Northwestern University, she taught college students at Cornell University, Dickinson College, and Franklin and Marshall College. Now a Visiting Scholar at Franklin & Marshall, Dr. Kemp is also the bestselling author of Stop Being Afraid! 5 Steps to Transform your Conversations about Racism, and Say the Wrong Thing, a collection of personal essays about racial justice and compassion.

Learn more about Dr. Amanda Kemp

Joyce Washington has over 30 years of experience in change management, talent development, multi-functional operational management, internal/external communications, recruiting, and logistics planning. She has a career record of transforming organizational cultures by analyzing current processes and creating and implementing high-impact business solutions/strategies that enhance productions and maximize operational efficiency.

Her passion is mentoring leaders and growing diverse teams. She rose through the ranks of a Fortune 100 company beginning in 1971, and through her effort diversity leadership increased by twenty-five percent. Her personal story is one where she was often the first or only person of color or woman in a leadership role.

She holds a Master of Business Administration as well as a Master of Strategy Communication. She is active in her community serving as President of the Weakley County Reconciliation Project and Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board of the College of Business and Global Affairs, University of Tennessee at Martin.

Ms. Washington is a faithful member of Brooks Chapel Kingdom Harvest Church.

Kristen Mun is Filipina, Chinese, born and raised on the island of Oahu. She moved to the mainland in 2005 to go to school in Oregon. When she first started undergrad, she knew she was different. She knew she would have to explain to classmates that she did not live in a grass shack, or that yes; Hawaii has paved roads. But she wasn't ready for the implicit cues that told her she had to leave her race and her culture behind. She started to change little things about herself to fit in. Her accent faded away, she changed the food she ate, she surrounded herself with Whiteness.

Through her racial justice journey she has rediscovered my self-worth, she has reconnected with her culture, and she has found her voice. As a facilitator with Racial Justice from the HEART, she speaks her truth about what it is like to live as a Asian, Pacific Islander in America. She has learned to love herself, to empower herself, and honor her ancestors.

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We’d really appreciate your help in getting the word out.

Please consider sharing this link with 5 of your friends, family, or colleagues.