It's Not Too Late...

It's Not Too Late...

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We're in the thick of processing and recovering from one unjust tragedy, and another arises, and another, and another . . .

Are you feeling angry? Overwhelmed?

Are you scared about what's coming next?

Do you think we’re going to hell in a handbasket? 


Aching for Justice and Wholeness

If you are someone who wants to DO something and are sick of  social media . . .

If you are rooted in love (or at least willing to be) and aching for justice and wholeness . . . 

 If you know there is something happening on the unseen level—spirit, energy, Higher Power—that can be tapped into for guidance . . .

 This is my offering to you...


What is it?

  • This is FREE challenge to help you get stronger, grounded, and in your seat of power!
  • You (healers, coaches, social justice folx) doing 15 minutes of daily metta (loving-kindness) and fire meditations.

  • Each week, you will receive an email with a different Loving-Kindness + Fire meditation to practice daily. The typical structure of these meditations will be 10 minutes of metta (loving-kindness meditation), 5 minutes of guided visualization to honor your anger and let it speak to you. 

  • We will come together for 3 LIVE touchpoints (the New Moon, Full Moon, and New Moon again) to notice our impact, practice collectively, and inspire each other to keep going.

  • You will take a break from or reduce  unconscious social media and news consumption during the challenge. (It is up to you to decide when, how, and how much is right for you.) Our typical 24/7 scrolling and news cycle degrades the nervous system.

Important Dates

  • 7/28 New Moon kick off with a live group meditation and set intentions
  • 8/11 Full Moon check-in on impact and group meditation
  • 8/27 New Moon closing check-in, acknowledgements, and looking forward
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Together, we will . . .

  • Break the cycle of violence, rape culture, and judgement within ourselves and our communities. 
  • Stop conflating justice and punishment. 
  • Stop extreme polarization.*
  • Slow down, be with ourselves in a consensual way, and practicing listening to our deeper selves.  
  • Anchor a new paradigm and be the change we ache for. 
  • Stop the overwhelm. 
  • Tune in to skillfully navigate the road ahead. 
  • Be a part of a movement bigger than you so you won’t feel so alone.
  • Take action without wearing out our nervous systems, without adding to our pain bodies. (If you have gone through a lot of trauma, this will be a way to participate without retraumatizing yourself.)
  • Create a more evolved planet and a stronger connection with our Earth Mother, the Divine, or the mother inside of you who loves and protects.

*Polarization is one of the 10 steps of genocide. The mentality that if you’re not with us, you’re against us allows us to demonize and dehumanize each other. (Example: If you don’t support the upkeep of Roe, you’re trying to kill women. If you’re for Roe, you’re a baby killer.) Once you put people in boxes like that, it’s easier for you to watch things happen to them without stepping in to say that’s not right. We are not here to continue this cycle of violence. We’re here to break it.

" So Powerful & Beautiful"

"I just did the exercise of listening to call replay. So powerful and peaceful. A beautiful practice in self love , nurture and mindfulness! Thanks Amanda!! "

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Is Protesting Enough? 

We can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results.  Let's work at the root level.


Loving Kindness+Fire meditation helps to shift the energetic environment; connects you to Something Bigger; enables you to perceive new paths forward. 

Part of how patriarchy and white supremacy works is that it has us believe that You don’t matter and energy doesn't matter. 

But your attention and intention are powerful!

Don't squander it on social media or worry.   

Just 15 minutes a day will create more Love and Justice.


" What Inspiration!"

"Wow! What inspiration and truths that were shared! Thank you Amanda and all of you beautiful humans in this community.  "

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Why Loving-Kindness Meditation?

Loving-kindness meditation has been studied and found to reduce implicit racial bias and increase empathy.

When people experience positive emotions in loving kindness, they see more options and expand their field of perception.

I was introduced to it through what we call mindful self-compassion; people may also know it through Buddhism.

It is not religious.

It's not even spiritual --per se.

It’s a meditation where you start with love for yourself and then expand out to others, nature, communities, and eventually those you hate.


Why Fire Meditation? 

Anger is your friend.  It tells you when something needs to change. 

The trick is to listen with wisdom--BEFORE ACTING.

The trick is to listen with wisdom --NOT SHUT IT DOWN.

I created this brief guided meditation to give you space to listen to that which is burning within you. 

Give it your LOVING attention.

Take wise action.

" It's Transforming Us!"

"Thank you for the energy you are holding. I appreciate its openness, positivity, neutrality (unconditional love & acceptance). I can feel it transforming us."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates

  • 7/28 New Moon kick off with a live group meditation and set intentions
  • 8/11 Full Moon check-in on intentions and group meditation
  • 8/27 New Moon closing check-in, acknowledgements, and looking forward
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