How to Stop Implicit Racial Bias

Practical Steps for Parents, Teachers, and Leaders.

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You Want To Be Part Of The Solution...But You Don’t Know How!

We see you. And you’re in the right place.

You’ve probably felt this way:

  • Live in fear of saying the wrong thing or hurting someone?
  • Walk on eggshells around people of a different race?
  • Live in white bubble and want more people of color in your life?
  • Know that all people are equal but feel powerless by all the injustices in the news and on social media?
  • Avoid speaking up because you feel like you don’t know enough?
  • Know you made a racial mistake, but you don’t know what to do about it?

This is exactly where you need to be.

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Racial Injustice Needs To Be Addressed—Now!

People of color are still being killed by the police every week.

People of color in your community are not getting opportunities.

There is no time to wait. 

Imagine how the world would be different if...

  • We weren’t afraid of addressing the issue (and could do so in a loving way). 
  • We had strong multiracial partnerships (and could create them meaningfully).
  • When you see racial injustice, you could confidently do something about it.
  • We were more understanding of our family or loved ones. 
  • You didn’t replicate the same harmful patterns as your parents…

That’s why we created this course.

Summer Jasmine Lall

Summer Jasmine Lall

Music Therapist

“What really impacted me was how it was emphasized that racial bias hurts EVERYONE. The fact that white people can go their whole lives without a diverse range of mentors and guides and not realize how tragic that is… I finally have a direction and a plan for how I can contribute to positive change in the difficult and sensitive area of race relations.”

Everything Changed When This Happened

My teenage son told me that he felt like his life didn’t matter and that there was nothing he could do about it.

He had the shakes, crying spells, and lots of frustration from the high profile killing of Black men and boys. 

And that’s why I started Racial Justice from the Heart. 

I cried in a public space and immediately I committed to giving people the tools to WAKE UP to the racism happening - especially when it's hidden and unintended racism.


It can be simpler than you think—here’s what’s inside!

How You Can Help Stop Racism

Discover where racial bias may be hiding in you (you won’t expect it!) and expand outside of a white frame of reference.

Gain Confidence To Overcome Injustice

Understand the limits of color blindness (“I don’t see color”) as a strategy to overcome racial inequities (and what you can do instead!).

Practice Actionable Strategies

Learn the five steps that you can take to reduce implicit racial bias and become part of the solution with a heart-centered approach.

Become Part Of The Solution.

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The first 10 people get a free download of my Say the Wrong Thing audiobook.

David Ethridge

David Ethridge

Lawyer and Quaker

“I came away with a new approach that I have used with good results in my antiracism work - even though I had already been doing that work for 15 years.”

How We’re Different

Most institutions in the U.S. reflect centuries of bias and racial trauma. 

Before we can: 

  • create healthy relationships across the color line, 
  • attract and retain racial diversity, or 
  • be effective advocates for change in our institutions... 

...we need to increase self-awareness.

This training will help you avoid needless harm AND actively take the right steps to create a society that works for ALL of us.

This issue is so important and so urgent that I want this course to be accessible to everyone who needs it. That’s why I’ve slashed the price from $597 to just $97.

This special rate is available to you for a limited time only.

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Kristen Mun

Kristen Mun

Theatrical Cultural Consultant, Stage Manager, and Fight Choreographer 

“Everything you have taught me I have been using every day. I have helped several of my colleagues already, whether it is talking them through Feel Flow or advising them on how to have conversations about racism. I am so so so appreciative for you taking me on as an apprentice… I feel stronger and more confident.”

At this workshop you will learn 5 actionable steps to fight racial bias:


  1.  See it -- Cultivate Awareness of your implicit bias.

  2.  Remove it -- Take away the audio and visual cues that trigger negative stereotypes.

  3.  Add it -- Add audio and visual cues that trigger positive associations.

  4.  Go towards it -- Go respectfully towards demographics that you fear with confidence and understanding.

  5.  Break the silence -- Share about implicit racial bias with someone to be the change.

Become Light And Love In Your Community

  • Have more authentic relationships with people from different cultures
  • Take control of your mind so that you don’t act on biases
  • Get tools to educate yourself and others in your community
  • Meet other people who are on the journey
  • Experience what it feels like to do racial justice from the heart and the spirit as well as the the mind

The way you’ve been trying to solve this problem hasn’t been working. That’s why you’re here. 

This is too important of an issue. It cannot wait. The time is now.

Become Part Of The Solution
Melanie Bove

Melanie Bove

“Your wisdom provided for me a dialogue that is missing in conversations about racism and race. The information you presented and the content you provided was valuable, interesting, well-presented, and ATTAINABLE! You gave us practical and brilliant ideas to assist in our own development and to engage in meaningful and transformative conversations between women.”

I Am Dr. Amanda Kemp

I help leaders who are ready to be effective and have a strong voice for racial justice and equity.

I earned a BA at Stanford University and a PhD from Northwestern University. I am the author of Say the Wrong Thing: Stories and Strategies for Racial Justice and Authentic Community and the Amazon best-seller  Stop Being Afraid: 5 Steps to Transform Your Conversations About Racism. I’m also a Visiting Scholar at Franklin and Marshall College and the winner of the 2018 Advoz Dignity in Dialogue Award.

I’ve worked with executive teams, CEO’s, church leaders, Jewish influencers, and community organizers.  Our training has been used at seminaries, colleges and universities, retirement communities, and advocacy organizations. 

And now I want to work with YOU.

Because there can be no systems change without the people inside of them changing.

Become Part of the Solution
S. Walters

S. Walters

“I always feel a very strong connection to you - your story, your methods, your messages… I have a multi-ethnic family (black ex-husband, multi ethnic daughter, hispanic son trans-racially adopted through foster care). I have been on this journey for a long time and have been struggling with everything that has been happening in the world lately - for so many reasons, but particularly as I help my children process it all. Your messages speak to me and have helped me tremendously. Thank you for your work and for coming into my life at just the moment I needed your message.”

What is Racial Justice from the Heart?

We are an education and consulting company helping individuals and organizations create racial equity and profound human connection.

What makes us unique is, we integrate self-compassion and emotional resilience with all our work on racial equity. People transform when their bodies, minds, spirits, and hearts are tended to and aligned.

This workshop, Introduction to Implicit Racial Bias - and What You Can Do to Stop It, is not usually open to individual enrollment.

We want this door to be open to you. We invite you - you personally - to join us, to learn, to share, to grow. This is a safe space for you to do all of those things.

We don’t know when we will offer this again - especially at Pay What You Can pricing.

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“I just wanted to thank you all for probably the most incredible training I have ever participated in. The honesty and transparency was very meaningful and promoted an educational experience for me which was life changing. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life. I am forever changed and hope to be able to change the world I live in to be more equitable and inclusive.”

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At Racial Justice from the Heart, we tend to the mind, body, spirit. We know that information needs wisdom, and justice needs compassion. 

This is your personal invitation to join us in this work!

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The first 10 people get a free download of my Say the Wrong Thing audiobook.