JULY 27 - 29, 2020



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Uncover your Implicit Racial Bias and Take Concrete Action to Transform it!

  • Covid-19  Blame Game: Anti-Asian and Anti-Black stereotypes during the pandemic.
  • Use our small group discussions to cultivate hope and compassion.
  • Create strong partnerships for racial justice during Covid-19.
  • Identify and speak up about subtle racism in your faith community, organization, and clients.
  • Fear mongering and financial insecurity fan racism and separation. Discover concrete things you can do daily, weekly, monthly to create healthy racial consciousness and speak up and step up.
I'm in!

Racial Justice Work is Ongoing. We all need this.

Learn powerful and quick ways to cultivate connection...

...even during quarantine:

  • Is your space subtly excluding people of color?
  • Are you frustrated with living in a "white bubble"?
  • Do you want real relationships but find yourself tip-toeing around race?

Get mentoring and personalized attention from Dr. Amanda Kemp and the Racial Justice from the Heart Mentors...

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Confronting Whiteness in You
& Self-Compassion

  • Whiteness as a lens and conditioning
  • What is a white frame of reference?
  • What is the white script and how does it come up in everyday conversations?

Take Step 1 to Stop Your Implicit Racial Bias


See Your Implicit Racial Bias & Loving Kindness Practice

  • What is implicit racial bias?
  • How does it manifest in everyday life and "good people"?
  • How implicit racial bias shows up as internalized racism amongst people of color?

Take Steps 2 & 3 to Stop Your Implicit Racial Bias


See White Supremacy Culture & Cultivate Racial Justice from the Heart Practices

  • How do non-profits reinforce white supremacy, a lack of diversity, and toxic climates for all people?
  • How do white supremacy characteristics show up in you?
  • What are alternative qualities you can cultivate instead?

Take Steps 4 & 5 to Stop Your Implicit Racial Bias

Confidence comes with Knowledge and Support.

  • Each day we meet from 12:30-3pm (Eastern Time).
  • Our team makes a  value-packed presentation and answers questions.
  • You participate in a small group discussion led by Racial Justice from the Heart trained facilitators.
  • You complete with a beautiful emotional resilience practice that you take with you.
  • All presentations and Q&A's are recorded.

All you need is an online connection, an open mind, and...

your BIG heart.


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Get your Implicit Racial Bias Challenge action steps.

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