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Come to our Soul Process Vision Board Party for

Healers and Feelers Rooted in Justice!

For Healers & Feelers 

The Vision Board party is a two-day, high frequency GUIDED PROCESS, in community, with ritual and cosmic alignment--led by me, an experienced wise woman.


You are invited to join this intimate cocoon where we focus on your heart's desires and your heart's "why"--not the ego's or the mind's superficial wants.

Using my process, you will gently disarm those harsh voices of self-doubt, self-criticism, and low self-worth with compassion and respect.

This is important because often the mind keeps us boxed in and "safe" by emphasizing obligations, failure, and scarcity to the point that we don't really know what our hearts desire.


Aminata Sol Plant Walker Fire Woman's Vision Board SOUL PROCESS

This vision board party is about creating visions in 3 Areas: 

  • Self-Care (including cash flow)

  • Contribution

  • Connection


My vision board process is a powerful spiritual practice for aligning your many parts with the Highest Good for you and our whole planet.


Why I’m Sharing the Vision Board Soul Process Party

Short answer? Vision boarding with Soul works!

Last year around this time, I created a vision board that was centered on the theme of Luxury and Nature. I had lots of pics of glamping and beautiful fabrics, carved wooden items, and lots of people of different ethnicities and genders laughing and touching and loving each other. I even included gold with an arrow implying price increase!

Well, looking at this vision board today, I realize I’ve manifested much of what was on there:

  • I’m in a luxurious tiny house in the beautiful Georgia Mountains as I write this.
  • I am about to release a new album on April 30 called Message from the Trees.
  • I’ve hosted three retreats this year for Sister Queens, for the Winter Solstice and for the Spring Equinox – all of which fulfilled on my desire to share knowledge about spiritual mysteries.
  • Gold has indeed gone up in price–but I did not buy any!!
  • I have focused on my finances this year and moved around investments so that they are more aligned.
  • I even helped to lead a training where black men worked together in a heart-to-heart way and more.

Wow! Even I am surprised.

But it wasn't just putting the pictures on the board!  That was the least of it. 

You see the board represents your inner work and is a vibrational placeholder that you will come back to again and again. It took nine months of inner work with my vision board and the parts of me that are super afraid of losing my family and feel that it's dangerous to focus on myself to manifest a month alone in a luxury tiny house complete with ten acres of forested land, a hot tub, sauna, and views that took my breath away.

I'm going to teach you that process to co-create your own goodness during this two-day party!

Amid economic and political chaos, it’s more important than ever to use this process to create what YOUR HEART DESIRES not what the mind fears!



What is Aminata Sol Plant Walker Fire Woman's Vision Board PROCESS? ðŸ¤·ðŸ½‍♀️


Over April 19 and 20 I am opening a portal through which I will guide you through my 5 Step Process to Manifest HEART'S Visions.

You will take these 5 steps inside a trusty cocoon that we are co-creating with your ancestors, your heart, and your divinity.​

Here are those Steps:​

  1. Identify the parts of you that DO NOT WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE YOUR DESIRES OR VISIONS 
  2. Befriend the parts that are afraid, doubtful, critical, ashamed, and feeling unworthy​
  3. Unearth your Heart's Desires and Visions 
  4. Articulate for yourself and the community what and WHY your heart desires which enhances the power of your magnet
  5. Build your vision board with others vibrating at a high love frequency--using images and phrases that trigger pleasure, love, and inspired action


You can take these 5 steps on your own, but when you come to our two-day party, you are getting to delve and create inside a skillfully created cocoon that I will weave with your ancestors, your heart, and your divinity.


Wednesday April 19

Orientation & Meditation to Make Room for your Visions via zoom @12pm-1:30pm Eastern (9am-10:30am pacific )

  • Make Room for New Visions 
  • Notice and include the parts of you  that resist your vision
  • Unearth how you want to feel and evolve; explore WHY you want those experiences Part I.
  • This session will be recorded so that you can do this on your own if you cannot attend live.
  • You will continue "cooking" this in your dream time and prayers at night. 

Thursday, April 20 (On the New Moon)

Vision Board Making Party via zoom @12pm-1:30pm Eastern (11am central/10am mountain/9am- pacific)

We will:

  • Unearth how you want to feel and evolve; explore WHY you want those experiences Part II.
  • Immerse ourselves in the emotions/energetics of experiencing our vision;
  • Create a physical or virtual representation of our desires with a vision board/collage;
  • Enroll each other in our attainment.


But it doesn't stop there!

Although it costs about the same thing as a fancy dinner with friends, this Vision Board Party Process is not a one-shot thing.

I will show you how to engage with your vision board throughout the year to invite the divine, earth energies, and/or your highest self to guide your actions for their fulfillment.

You have until April 27 to complete your vision board and benefit from the Aries New moon Energy.



This is a sacred time to uncover and say yes to your heart's desires.   

Virtual Sessions are recorded via zoom. 



Sign me up!

This Vision Board Party

for Healers & Feelers Rooted in Justice

is for you if you want to:

  • Want to have fun and delight as you call in the experiences, people, and things you deeply desire and value.

  •  Are willing to let go of fear, grudges and/or limiting beliefs about yourself.

  •  Want to bring ALL of yourself along, including the inner voices that feel afraid, guilty, critical, doubtful, or not worthy.

  • Have cash flow needs and abundance visions. 
  • Ready to get clear on WHY you want what you want. 

This is NOT for people who...

  • Think it’s selfish to ask for what you want
  • Don't’ have the capacity to do inner loving work with themselves
  • Feel it’s against their religion to use rituals involving the earth, water or fire
  • Aren't willing to take action on behalf of their vision
  • Can’t make at least ONE of the sessions LIVE.




with Aminata Sol Plant Walker Fire Woman


My stuck emotions got released! --Anna

Absolutely loved it. I'd love this to be be at least 4x a year. --Michael

I loved …seeing myself as a writer and celebrating making time for support for that part of my life… making connections with other Mother Trees, including the men. I appreciated the meditations and rituals very much. —Monica

Remembering in my body how good it feels to be in community. Realizing and saying out loud that it’s time! --Liane

All the meditations were so beautiful and grounding, the thoughtful and moving way everything was planned and yet there was room for resting together, the small groups and “speed dating” --Amy




IMAGINE YOURSELF AT THIS PARTY WHERE you are with a group of people rooted in love and justice who are willing to drop down into their Deep Self and articulate what they really, really want–not just for themselves but for their communities and the whole planet.

As we do rituals and breathe together, you feel more and more connected to the divine and to your Goodness and our collective power.

A year from now you bring something into fruition that's been hard for you to manifest in the past and you are in touch with what your heart truly desires.

Even if you cannot attend the actual party you can watch the replay and complete your board on your own or with friends by April 27. 


By completion you get:

Clarity about what's most important for you

Loving kindness practice to use with your inner voices

Freed up Energy to take next steps

Connections with others who may hold resources and wisdom that help you get your Heart Visions 

A vision board that triggers pleasure, love, and inspired action throughout the year.



Yes! I'm Coming!

Why Now?

The new moon in April is a great time to articulate your vision and ask the universe to support its fulfillment. This year there are two new moons in the zodiac sign Aries so that is also unusual and powerful. It’s a time when you are connecting with the energy of action and initiation to help fuel your Deep Desire.


We are offering this opportunity on a sliding scale. Normally this would be $497.
Pay what you choose: $297-$597
(Mother Tree Community Members get a 10% discount... check your email.)


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