Racial Justice From the Heart Presents

Transform Your Hidden Racial Bias

Conversations about biases can feel tough, and you could be hurting people (including yourself) without knowing it 
... even if you have the best intentions!

...You need this!

Join our 2-Day Online Workshop!
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Imagine finally being able to speak up about racism...

...without worrying about offending someone!

  • Women of Color Develop a sense of self-love and accountability.
  • Cultivate hope and compassion in our small group discussions.
  • Create strong partnerships for racial justice.


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I was incredibly appreciative of the opportunity for this program. -Lisa Lord

Lisa Lord

I was incredibly appreciative of the opportunity for this program.  I have already applied so much of what was shared.  Your entire team is outstanding, and Dr. Amanda is simple the most open-hearted person I have ever met.  Many thanks for all you poured into this program!

You could be hurting people without knowing it.

Uncover your hidden bias and TRANSFORM IT into compassion and powerful action!


Hope and compassion.


Strong partnerships for racial justice.


Subtle racism in your circle of influence.

Be Empowered...

To speak up and step up.

Take concrete action steps to create healthy racial consciousness.

Interrupt the fear mongering that fans financial insecurity, scapegoating, and separation.

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Hidden bias work is ongoing.

We all need this.

Learn powerful & quick ways to cultivate connection - even during quarantine.

  1.  Self-evaluate -- is your space subtly excluding people of color?

  2.  Reflect -- Are you living, working, socializing and worshipping in predominantly white rather than mixed communities?

  3.  Replace fear -- Do you crave real relationships but find yourself tip-toeing around race?

To create justice you need to go beyond the intellectual level.

  • We involve the whole body and your emotions in the healing.
  • We teach spiritual practices that lead to joy and sustainability as a change maker.
  • With our approach, you won’t burn out.
  • Get personalized mentoring and attention from Dr. Amanda Kemp and the “Racial Justice from the Heart” Mentors.
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I was incredibly appreciative of the opportunity for this program. -Lisa Lord

Dr. Susan Myers-Shirk

Director Professor of History

Thank you SO much for the workshop. It was both life changing and mind blowing. I am thinking about starting an anti-racism study group with some friends (via Zoom of course). I wanted to make sure it was ok with you to use the materials from the resource guide.

Here’s what you get in the workshop:

Day 1

(see available dates below)

12-4 PM Eastern / 9AM-1PM Pacific

Confront Whiteness in You & Develop Self-Compassion

  • Are you using a white lens? How is whiteness conditioning you as a person of color?  As a person of European descent?
  • What is a white frame of reference?
  • What is the white script and how does it come up in everyday conversations?
  • What is implicit racial bias and how does it divide people?
  • How does it manifest in everyday life and "good people"?
  • How do people of color show bias against themselves or each other?
  • How to identify visual and audio that trigger stereotypes.
  • How to replace negative cues with practices that promote equity and belonging.

Day 2

(see available dates below)

12-4 PM Eastern / 9AM-1PM Pacific

Stand Up for Equity & Cultivate Racial Justice from the Heart

  • How do organizations, including non-profits, reinforce white supremacy, a lack of diversity, and toxic climates for all people?
  • How do white supremacy characteristics show up in you?
  • What are alternative qualities you can cultivate instead?
  • How to go towards what you fear. What do do when you've been taught to fear other people of color.
  • How to Talk about racism and implicit bias EFFECTIVELY.
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Racial Justice from the Heart has trained over 25,000 educators, people of faith, coaches and facilitators to stand for justice while rooted in compassion. 

I was incredibly appreciative of the opportunity for this program. -Lisa Lord

Marian Weisenfeld

Dr. Amanda Kemp delivers highly impactful and effective training.  The mind/body/heart approach of “making space for transformation” gave me tools to prepare for and sustain my intentions and actions. Dr. Amanda’s diverse team of facilitators provide incredible mentoring during small group exercises.  I highly recommend this training for anyone looking for a restorative, collaborative, and energized path toward heart-felt growth and leadership.

By Completing This Training, You Will... 

  • Develop awareness and implement best practices through 9 hours of training, mentorship, and support.
  • Get your questions answered in a small group discussion led by Racial Justice from the Heart trained facilitators.
  • Take home a beautiful emotional resilience practice that will lower your stress and help you communicate better with your colleagues.
  • Save time and heartache.
  • Make fewer mistakes.
  • Get out of shame, blame, and guilt.
  • Recover more quickly.

Information about racism doesn’t make it go away; you have to actively develop a racial justice lens.

I'm ready to be a change maker!
I was incredibly appreciative of the opportunity for this program. -Lisa Lord

Summer Lall

Music Therapist

“What really impacted me was how it was emphasized that racial bias hurts EVERYONE. The fact that white people can go their whole lives without a diverse range of mentors and guides and not realize how tragic that is...I finally have a direction and a plan for how I can contribute to positive change in the difficult and sensitive area of race relations.” 

All you need is an online connection, an open mind, and... 
your BIG heart.


To ensure that you get personalized attention from our facilitators, we can only accept a limited number of people in this program. Buy today to secure your spot!

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June 4th and 11th: 12-4 PM Eastern / 9AM-1PM Pacific

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"White Women's Tears: A Training for How European American Women Can Stand for Racial Justice." 
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Drop the Guilt; Drop the Shame 
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June 4th and 11th
June 24th and July 1st

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