This workshop series offers your community a safe and challenging space to learn, connect, find your truth, and increase your effectiveness. Strategies of the H.E.A.R.T. workshops address the body, mind and spirit. Each workshop, approximately 2½ hours, includes a mindfulness practice, gentle body movement, and interactive exercises along with follow-up suggestions to integrate learning into daily life. People experience the best results when they add support and accountability structures in addition to the workshop sessions.

This series is appropriate for parents, student, faculty and/or staff groups at schools and colleges; faith communities and their volunteer/mission teams; civic groups, nonprofit organizations, and at workplaces with a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. It can be modified for students as young as middle school. The strategies are practical mindsets and approaches that build a community’s ability to have frank and uncomfortable conversations amongst themselves and stretch each individual no matter their level of experience or diversity within the group.

Workshop Facilitator

Amanda Kemp graduated from Stanford University and earned a PhD from Northwestern University. She has taught at the university level for over a decade and served as a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Lecturer. The founder of Theatre for Transformation, Kemp has reached over 25,000 people in her artistic and academic residencies at schools, colleges, and faith gatherings. She is currently touring INSPIRA: The Power of the Spiritual. When not traveling, she resides in Lancaster, PA, with her husband, violinist Michael Jamanis, their five children and chocolate lab Jake.

What are the Strategies of the H.E.A.R.T.?

H old Space for Transformation

This workshop teaches you how to hold space during dialogues, meetings, and other potentially stressful situations. Participants get practice and skill in being a non-anxious presence in the midst of change.

E xpress Yourself

This workshop teaches you how to use writing to access deeper levels of your truth. Find your voice. Let go of past perceived failures in communication across and within the color line. Techniques for discerning when and where to assert your perspective.

A ct with Intention

Get in touch with your vision—What are you “for” as opposed to what you are against? Find out what stops you from taking action. Dispel confusion and fear. Leave with clear actions and an accountability plan to promote more justice and authentic connection in your community, workplace, or home.

R eflect on Yourself

This workshop teaches you how to notice your own triggers, implicit biases, and internalized stereotypes. Builds your capacity to defuse your emotional triggers and automatic fight/freeze/flight reactions. You will learn techniques that promote non-judgment, compassion and integrity.

T rust the Process

Learn how to thrive and stay connected even when relationships get “messy” or organizations experience upheaval. Learn self-care techniques that promote resilience and longterm commitment. Tips on nurturing community so that it can collectively honor folks and bind wounds.