The following plays may be experienced in film versions.


Emancipation Sweet is almost fourteen and he loves basketball, but hates history. And oh how he hates his name! Every year Emancipation and his mother make a field trip to the Lincoln Memorial for a history lesson. Bo-ring. But this year he’s going to get a history lesson like no other. An encounter with a strange old bum sets him on an epic journey back in time—to the 1963 March on Washington and then beyond as a series of unlikely guides hurl him deeper into the past until finally he is whispering in the ear of Abraham Lincoln. Written by Amanda D. Kemp and produced by Theatre for Transformation. This play is appropriate for audiences aged 8 and up. 

2013 NOTES: In celebration of the sesquicentennial of the Emancipation Proclamation, this new touring play features Bach's Chaconne as rendered by virtuoso violinist MICHAEL JAMANIS, African American spirituals, and original music.


"Ocean” tells the stories of three very different enslaved women of the 18th century, and a mysterious Captain/Narrator.  This play is suitable for ages 8 and older and features gospel and spiritual performances under the direction of AJ Walker. SLIDESHOW BELOW| VIEW TRAILER ON YOUTUBE | PURCHASE DVD


Phillis Wheatley, eighteenth-century Black poet and international celebrity and her friend Obour Tanner come to life in this one-act drama about their friendship, love, and understanding of the Divine. Based on the unique correspondence between Wheatley and Tanner, both of whom were enslaved, this play explore the women's assertions of freedom, dignity and faith. The play blends narrative with African American spirituals, exquisitely rendered by tenor Deborah Billups and soprano Vanessa Ballard. You don’t want to miss this story that will make your toes tap and your heart soar. TRAILER BELOW | PURCHASE CD

What happens to a predominantly Black community struggling with crime, poverty and hopelessness when Mr. Hood, an ageless performer comes to town to emcee the annual talent show and shakes things up?  A play with music, this production features a young rising star, dance and original music. Appropriate for ages 8 and up. VIEW TRAILER BELOW

SHOW ME THE FRANKLINS (Available only via DVD

Meet Jemima, Peter, Othello, George, and King, all held in slavery by Benjamin Franklin. Through music, movement & sometimes humorous scenes, three actors and scholar Amanda Kemp dramatize how our ancestors might have experienced American Slavery and American Freedom. This play offers a fresh perspective on Franklin, who died as president of the abolitionist society without ever freeing one of his own slaves. Join us in remembering and forgiving the wounds of slavery and creating new possibilities from a position of compassion. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

Would you like to perform a play by Dr. Amanda Kemp?

Performance rights are generally available for amateur groups and schools at $50 per performance for a minimum of TWO performances.  Professional companies (where actors are paid), may purchase performance rights at $250 per performance for a minimum of TWO performances.

Scripts must be purchased at $8 per script for the cast, plus 3 production team members.