I’m Dr. Amanda Kemp, and I'm here to magnify the positive impact of people who want to change the world.  Whether you are an artist, teacher, mother, spiritual leader, or change maker of any type, you can come to me for Posts & Podcasts that inspire and show you how to take care of yourself even while you are taking care of the world, your family and community;

Workshops/Retreats that expand and nurture you both online and in person;

Theatrical Performances that enlighten and affirm multiracial, intergenerational audiences

My goal is to #callinthetribe and keep us focused on our deep yearning for justice and oneness while effectively negotiating all the stresses and turmoil of everyday life.  I want you to stay the course for transformation over the long haul.


Dr. Amanda Kemp.Com exists to nurture and expand the Tribe of the Heart, individuals who stand for ONENESS and TAKE ACTION to heal the world, their families, and themselves.  

As a performing artist, diversity consultant, writer and entrepreneur, I connect my heart to your heart. Together we magnify the impact of the Tribe of the Heart.


I envision a world of love and justice, where separation gives way to oneness.

I see artists, community builders, healers, prayer warriors, and other change makers joining to form a new tribe, a Tribe of the Heart.  This tribe, bound by its fierce commitment to act from ONENESS, leads planet earth from suffering to abundant creation NOW.


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