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Stop the Hurt: Implicit Racial Bias Challenge

We invite you to participate in this 5 Day Challenge to STOP THE HURT! Monday June 3rd through 7th

Up to the Challenge? SIGN UP HERE

Here is what you’ll get:

1. A Daily Email with an Action and Resources

2. Live Stream Tutorial

3. Facebook Group 

4. Buddy for Accountability & Support

Are You Ready to Cultivate Real Relationships across the Color Line?

 Implicit racial bias is in the water and the air, impinging on even the most loving relationships.  FOCUSING on transmutation helps to shift this context.

If youre Black, think of this 5 day challenge as a "cleanse" or a "reset" a way to Love Your Black Self!

If you're not Black, it's a way to love your Black Beloved!

Learn more without imposing on others! 

Don’t miss this chance. SIGN UP HERE!