Oh, Yes. I'm Going Up!

Oh, Yes. I'm Going Up!

Michael Jamanis and I performing an excerpt from  INSPIRA: The Power of the Spiritual

Do you love spirituals?

I love "Oh Yes, I'm Going Up" a spiritual which I just learned this past summer with saxophonist Francis Wong and violinist Michael Jamanis.  Here is a snip of a rough recording:  Going Up!

Isn't the melody sweet?  For me, spirituals are miracle music.  Songs like this one refuse to accept limitations or the authority of the powers that be.  The miracle is that people created affirmative, life giving songs under some of the worst trauma possible!

So, what can you say YES to today?

Click on INSPIRA If you want to find out more about my newest project. Spoiler alert!  It's not a play.

Peace and love in all you do!