#025: How to Alchemize Racial Pain: Good Friday & LSU Women's Basketball with Dr. Stephanie R. Burns

podcast Apr 13, 2023

Easter and Passover give us the opportunity to reflect on an experience of injustice or not being loved and use it as a doorway for transformation.

For me that was the gift of the situation where the champion women's basketball team at LSU was slighted by the White House and mainstream narratives.

You can google it if you want more details.

My point in sharing this is to let you know about the healing journey that I've chosen to SLOW DOWN and pay attention to in the last few days and to share some wisdom from my Sister Colleague and Wisdom Keeper,  Rev. Dr. Stephanie R. Burns.

The first thing I acknowledged to myself and now to you is that this situation triggered old and deep pain.

Of not being loved.

Not being cherished.

Not being claimed and celebrated.

I was feeling angry, sad, and scared.

Second, I did not engage my social media feeds or my friends via text.

Instead I went up the mountain on Spirit's Knob and asked to be healed of my triggers--the part of me that is caught up in Old, Historic and Collective Hurts.​

As I walked barefoot, I murmured to plants, trees and stones along the way.

In this interview with Dr. Burns you will hear what happened next and the medicine that all of us can take from something like this.

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