Hands Up to You

Hands Up... to You

Beyond Protest...

We must demonstrate. Black lives do matter. But how do we direct the intensity of protest into collective action that generates, that feeds the light within us?

I know from experience that chants about what has to go and what we don't want are actually exhausting after a while.

I NEED to say what I'm for. I NEED to feel connected to the people with whom I am standing. 

I'm angry. I'm scared. And, I've been to and organized enough marches and actions to know that without authentic relationship and a powerful vision of what we are FOR, the number of participants dwindle until we only have a small, hard, core.

For me the movement in Ferguson demands that I take action, but my action is InspirARTS, art that brings people together to "be the change that we want to see in the world."

InspirARTS catalyzes communal grieving, celebrating, accountability and supporting each other to "be the change."  The most powerful arts show us people actually "being" free, equal, loving, peace in addition to what they are up against.

Come "be the change" with us on 14 Dec 2014 at noon-1:30pm.

Sunday Dec.We'll be sharing a work-in-progress version of INSPIRA:  The Power of the Spiritual and providing space for you to share and create too.  If you can't come, send us your energy.  Hands up... Let's make art together.   TICKETS or DONATIONS 

Peace and Love,

Help build the InspirART movement!  Go to  Inspira: The Power of the Spiritual
We must demonstrate.  Black Lives Matter.
Interpreting Dr. King's Dream with Michael Jamanis