Getting What You Want ... and then Some!

This guest post is by my sister-friend Jojopah.  We recently reconnected through the 30 Day Meditation Challenge.  Here Jojopah writes about how we manifest both the shadow and the light of the thing or relationships for which we yearn.  If you're wondering why you're not getting what you want, read on... 


I began my own conscious practice of manifesting in 1994 after reading Deepak Chopra’s, Creating Affluence. My manifestation apprenticeship focused on money (of course) and a man. Once I successfully brought forth what I desired and believed necessary, I learned the real truth about manifestation.

Manifestation is revelation.  In other words, whatever shows up from your “ask, believe, receive” will reveal to you what you truly and deeply believe about yourself. The money I manifested was never enough so I learned about my deeply rooted scarcity mentality. The man I manifested was not in love with me, although I convinced myself that he was. From that, I learned about my co-dependent

Once I understood that manifestation would expose my shadow as well as my
light, I decided to set an unbreakable rule for myself in order to experience a higher state of outcomes from my manifesting:

Only make requests from the Universe when you are connected to your Soul, not when you are in fear.   Focus on non-physical things such as joy, happiness, growth, love and fulfillment.

Attempting to figure out the exact form or timing of your request is truly a waste of time and energy. Higher manifestation requires flexibility, faith, and patient endurance.  You may have to experience three or more outcomes from your original request before you remove all of the blocks to what is in alignment with your light, and not your shadow.  In order for your manifestations to support the truth of who you are you must throw out the clock—the timing your ego dictates, and trust in the right timing of the Universe.  By honoring the healing and growth gifts of the conscious manifestation practice, you will never be disappointed.

Jojopahmaria Nsoroma is a fire shaman and wisdom keeper of ancient indigenous teachings from West Africa and Native America.  She uses rituals, retreats, workshops, seminars and public speaking, both live and through weekly internet radio broadcasts, Wisdom Walk, to spread her spiritual wisdom around the nation and the globe.  Jojopah is in the processing of writing her first book, Wisdom Walk: Ancient Wisdom for Transforming Pain.

Thank you for reading On a Mission to Heal the Planet.  Our mission is to nurture and expand the Tribe of the Heart, individuals who stand for Oneness and Take Action to heal the world, their families, and themselves.  Stay in touch! Peace and Love, Amanda